Builder application: PaladiinRL: ACCEPTED

Player name: PaladiinRL

How did you find out about us?: I’ve known about the server for a few years. My guess would probably be a tour with Viggoman or something like that.

How old are you?: I’m 19 years old.

Where are you from?: I’m from Denmark.

Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer, and that you must check the forums every few days?: Yes. I am usually on discord during the day, and I will make sure to check forums.

Why do you want to help with this project?: I find the project very cool, and I would like to see myself be a part of it, or say that I have contributed something to ArdaCraft.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: I’ve only ever seen the films, and read a bit of lore online.


Plot ID: 43:-36

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I like Folde, since it is a style I’m familiar with, and I like the simplicity. Haven’t really done the other builds, but high-class and fancy buildings usually give me a hard time.

Other relevant skills: I have build a bit on another conquest reforged server which builds in similar style with the gradiant use for walls and paths.


Hello, and thanks for applying!

Regarding your Rohan application build, there’s a couple of minor things we don’t tend to do, but you’ve done well for a first build, and I’m happy to accept it as is.

For your next build, I’d like you to attempt a low class Hobbit home with a turf roof. It doesn’t have to include a garden or anything. /warp HobbitGuide will help you get started, and there are plenty of examples throughout the Marish, like Haysend, Rushey and Stock.


Hello Sunwing

I’ve a low class hobbit house for you now. It’s on the same plot as before.


I mean, spot on. There’s a couple of things that I would do differently personally, but I’m not gonna nitpick. You’ve got the basics down, and can follow a guide. That’s what’s needed at this stage. So, without further ado, I hereby promote you to Apprentice. Congrats!

Being an Apprentice means you are a part of the project, but not a full Builder yet. You have this rank so you can learn and understand how we build. We have high standards and a focus on realism which means that there are things for you to learn. Your duties as an Apprentice should give you good grounding to become a Builder, and, as such, you will begin your first lot of on-server building work assisting current Builders on their builds. This will hopefully allow you to obtain the experience needed to build on your own when you feel you can start on building something on your own.

When building as an Apprentice, you are only permitted to build on one building at a time. This not only provides you with good practice for your time as a Builder, but also allows project leaders and Overseers to get a good and clear idea of what your building abilities are. This will allow us to give you better and more bespoke feedback, and prevent any unnecessary problems. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to work on something if you have permission from a project leader via an open plot or confirmation if it’s something else. Finally, as an Apprentice you must always listen to project leaders when they give you feedback, criticisms, and tasks. Ask them if you are unsure of what to build, or how to build it. You have this rank to learn.


So I’ve been told to add some pictures to my application, and I’m guessing this is it.

Just to kinda sumarize the pictures:
I’ve done a plot in Tharbad, which hasn’t been improved and probably never will :stuck_out_tongue:
Then I’ve just done a little field in EFTown.
Then I also helped Argent a little bit with the outside of a plot in EFTown, where I just did the small vegetable fields and roads and the little shed.
I also did a high class wine press in EFTown which has been approved by Lind.
Then I’ve done some tree stuff for Argent, where I believe 4 trees have been approved, otherwise I’ve just been learning a bit about the process.
In the last picture you can see my Moria plot which isn’t done, since I still need to actually make it a ruin. I esentially just added it to show I’m currently working on stuff that isn’t for the live map.

Alright thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Excellent. You’ve made it to builder. Congrats :slight_smile: