Builder Application: ManOfLego

Player name: ManOfLego

How did you find out about us?: I saw Nerd of the Rings’ map showcase video and I was interested.

How old are you?: 14-16

Where are you from?: Eastern USA (EST)

Are you in our Discord? Is your username the same as your Minecraft name? Do you understand that you must always have Discord open, and that you must check the forums every few days?: Yes, yes, and yes.

Why do you want to help with this project?: Because I love Lord of the Rings and I think that this is a really cool project.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen, or listened to?: I have seen the Lord of the Rings movies, and I’ve read the Silmarillion, the Hobbit, and all three main books (including the Appendices in ROTK).

Portfolio: (Rohan)

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with? I don’t know. I could probably build any style if shown how to.

Other relevant skills: Idk. I know a lot about LOTR.

Hi ManofLego, thanks for applying. Rohan is not one of our current styles - the last thing to be built there is the walls in Rondgeld so there’s no point trying to build in that style.

You also need to pay better attention to how we build things on the server. This build is much too simple and doesn’t use any of our techniques. Some things that stand out:

  • The floor is wooden, rather than compacted dirt
  • The roof is far too ‘square’, doesn’t use a gradient, doesn’t use any kind of block model like stairs/layers/corners etc
  • The interior has no hearth (which is in basically every building in Rohan), has a bunch of torches on the walls, and uses furniture that isn’t appropriate to the Anglo-Saxon period
  • The farm/garden outside just uses wheat in a square box, which is what people build in survival Minecraft and does not reflect any kind of historical reality

Please try to build an Anorien house in the style of /warp DorTylys and post the album when you’re done.


Sorry about that, wasn’t aware that Rohan was done. Tried my best on the Anorien house going off of one of the ones in Dor Tylys, but I haven’t really built with any of these techniques before.
Anyway, here be the link:

Sorry for the long wait
There are quite a few things you should change to make it appealing:
-lengthen the house and lower the roof, byzantine dwellings are often really long and low
-have the rooms more properly divided, add a beam in-between the interior walls to make the rooms feel more separate.
-since you’ll be lengthening your house it’d be nice to add more rooms, can have a dining room or a food storage room with an exterior entranceway
-the wicker in the corner of the house is quite pointless, replace it with a proper bed based on the ones built already
Might add more if more issues come to mind


I’ve been busy but I’ve been working on this a bit. Might have it done by the end of the long weekend.


School’s been really annoying lately - the changes are almost done, just working on the new room’s interior. Shooting to be done by next Monday at the latest.

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Please be aware the applications forum has moved to our discord and that this thread should be continued there!

I look forward to seeing your further builds!