Builder Application: Led: REJECTED

Player name: Led

How long have you been a member of this project?: About a week.

How old are you?: 17.

Where are you from?: Florida, USA.

Are you in our Discord?: Yes.

Why do you want to help with this project?: Upon discovering the Conquest Resource Pack, I was eager to uncover a server where I could collaborate with others using the pack, and I have found ArdaCraft to be just that, but with extra mods/blocks. Additionally, ArdaCraft isn’t solely a plot server. Because of this, I have decided to stick with ArdaCraft.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: N/A.

Japanese Plot
Two Elven Houses (Outdated)
Noldor House #1
Noldor House #2 (Improved Ceiling)
Dwarven Inn (Slightly outdated)
Dwarven House
Minor fixes/changes for two elven houses
Cave Exterior

Plot ID:
Japanese Plot [Full Plot]: 7:-4
Dwarf/Elven Plot [Half Plot]: -4:-8

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I excel in the area of terraforming/foilage. I’ve never tried organics and while I can manage, I find exterior design of elven houses to be tricky.

Other relevant skills: N/A

For your elven build, there are tiles showing up in the attic and more importantly there are flat ceilings.

Also don’t use the same material as for the walls for the ceiling

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Also pls build something in the styles we are concentrating on Forlindon Elves and dwarven (yes you’ve built dwarves but it’s not nearly enough to get builder). (Idk why I didn’t write all these 3 posts in one long paragraph soz)

Thanks Aptipild, I’m currently creating a third house right now strictly in the elven style which will look severely different from the other two.

I have added an Elven House to my second plot, be sure to check it out!

Ik minecraft looks better with shaders but it makes it really hard to see what you actually built. Next time maybe just remove your shaders please. Looks good from what i can see though.

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I have added a Dwarven Build, to my second plot, and without shaders as requested by zLawrence.

I have also made some minor edits to my house, such as improved coloring between interior flooring, walls ceiling, as well as the removal of the windows awkwardly connected to the staircase. Update

I have added a second Dwarven Build to my cave portion of my second plot, as well as a second Noldor House with taller interior ceilings. Lastly, I have added an exterior to the previously schist blob containing the two dwarven builds.

Accepted, welcome to the team!

I do recommend that you watch LotR ASAP though.

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Hey Led,

Need to see a bit more activity on your app so we can get you to reach Builder. If you’re too busy or otherwise unable please let us know.

Rejected for inactivity. If you wish to resume your apprenticeship, please let an Overseer know and we’ll be happy to repromote you.