Builder Application : Jaaws (REJECTED)

Player name: Jaaws

How did you find out about us: I found you on Youtube (Your channel and Dukonred1 also ) and PlanetMincraft. Your various projects have me much more and especially that on middle-earth. I then decided to come build with you.:slight_smile:

How old are you?: 18 years old

Where are you from?: I’m French, in the North of France so i’m very bad in english. :slight_smile:

Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer, and that you must check the forums every few days?: Yes i’m in your channel Discord. As for the credit note always open, no problem!

Why do you want to help with this project?: Because I am a fan of Tolkien’s work. It’s a universe for which I am fan and knowing that to build on Minecraft what is what I prefer, to combine two seems to me is really perfect !

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: I did not unfortunately have the opportunity to read books, but I saw everything movies. I also have to play the various games proposed on this universe.

Portfolio: I have screens just for 1 build and it’s not finish. You can see it to my PlanetMinecraft profil. If the planet Minecraft is not enough for you I can always fill Imgur, tell me. :slight_smile:

Plot ID: Plot with reference “Burh3” 28-2

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I prefer the medieval-fantasy styles, I have not bad to work in these domains on the other hand, the modern or the Terraforming are not things which I master particularly.


For your application you should build 2 houses on your plot in the styles we’re currently building in. For reference look at:
/warp Thorin’s Halls
/warp Burh3
/warp old ford

If you need tips, don’t be afraid to ask the builders that are online for help.

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OK, I am going to begin to work above then.

Edit, I realized a plot in the style of Burh3, 3 house on 5 are decorated. I wait for your returns.:slight_smile:

As I said to you on the server, globally the exterior look good but they are many problems with your 3 decorated house

  • Don’t use elven stuff nowhere, it’s really too fancy for beorning
  • Don’t use fancy paint who is also too fancy for a beorning
  • Most of beorning are illetrate so don’t spam books and bookshelf
  • Don’t use fancy stuff like hourglass,compass
    Globally it’s a good begining :slight_smile:

Yes, i understands. I’m going to correct all this, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

OK, I think i have finished my plot. All the houses are decorated. I wait for your returns.:slight_smile:

Hi Jaaws, the interior work you have done looks very samey throughout all of the houses that you have done, also, you need to make sure to cover the roof tiles from within the house, they should not be visible anywhere inside the house. When it comes to your exteriors, eagz had a couple of issues:
materials- different wood types other than the same 2 blocks everywhere, look outside the burh, also roofs look weird
designs- every house has the literal same design, needs to be changed up, each house should look different.
I would suggest that you take a look around Burh3 at how interiors are done there, and have another go at just a single house, taking into consideration the advice given. I would also like to see you create a dwarven house.

In order to help you do this, I have claimed a plot for you next to your current one, and placed a big green arrow above it, so you can start work on a fresh plot.

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Hi, thanks for your returns,
Yes I understands, I go to see what I can make then.
Thaks too for the plot. :slight_smile:

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Hi, new edit, i think i have finished my two houses. Dwarven and Burh3 style.
What do you think now ? :slight_smile:

Being an Apprentice means you are a part of the project, but not a full Builder yet. You have this rank so you can learn and understand how we build. We have high standards and a focus on realism which means that there are things for you to learn.

Your duties as an Apprentice should give you good grounding to become a Builder, and, as such, you will begin your first lot of on-server building work assisting current Builders on their builds. This will hopefully allow you to obtain the experience needed to build on your own when you feel you can start on building something on your own.

When building as an Apprentice, you are only permitted to build on one building at a time. This not only provides you with good practice for your time as a Builder, but also allows project leaders and Overseers to get a good and clear idea of what your building abilities are. This will allow us to give you better and more bespoke feedback, and prevent any unnecessary problems.

Finally, as an Apprentice you must always listen to project leaders when they give you feedback, criticisms, and tasks. Ask them if you are unsure of what to build, or how to build it. You have this rank to learn.(edited)
In order to eventually obtain Builder, please read the guidelines below:

When you build a house in a project and think it is finished, you should post a comment on this application thread with the closest warp and coordinates of your house. Then Builders or Overseers will comment on this thread and give you fair feedback. When you have achieved a standard of building that matches the basic standard of the server, you will be promoted to Builder. This could be on your first build or one further down the line.

ArdaCraft is a friendly community that explores the freedom to create and build together. However, when we are dealing with an enormous project like this there are some guidelines we need to follow to make it work.

Firstly, always name the stuff you build. We have a set of project blocks that we use - you can read about those in the new player guide at ‘/warp spawn’.

Secondly, if you are looking for something to help out with, you can type ‘/warp jobs’. This is where you can find all open jobs like building houses or something similar. You will be provided with instructions on how to get to these projects, and what to build once you get there.

Thirdly, do not be afraid to ask members for help and get to know us. This is a community project and it’s important to be part of the community! Stay active on Discord and the forums. Make sure to let Fornad know who you are on Discord so that he can give you the appropriate rank on there.

Oh, thanks ! Ok is that clear, I begin tomorrow ! :slight_smile:

Hello, I am sorry for my lack presence at the moment but I have no time to play. .:confused: I dont give up my application for Builder with you and I consider to resume the build with you when i have more time !

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Any update on this?