Builder Application: ItsAlphaOG: REJECTED

Player name: ItsAlphaOG

How did you find out about us: Dukonred1 and youtube

How old are you?: 16 years old

Where are you from?: USA

Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer, and that you must check the forums every few days?: I have been in the discord for a few days and I fully understand how active I should be in the community.

Why do you want to help with this project?: I love The Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkien and I would love to be apart of something so magnificent.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: I have read the first two books of The Lord of the RIngs.


Plot ID: 28:-21

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I excel at Modern (if you look at my images on my Imgur profile there are 2 builds that i built for a World of Keralis application a few years ago), Traditional, Medieval and fantasy. I am not very good at terrain forming and desert style things.

Other relevant skills: I know HTML5, a little javascript and I am currently learning C++.

Whether I am rejected or accepted please leave a lot of feedback on what I could improve on. Thanks!


Hi Alpha this is a really nice first try at the builds and you’ve managed to build both of the beorning styles pretty comfortably. A few things you need to work on though:

  • on the first house a lot of the walls are very flat and a bit boring

  • youve also used the same material (dark birch logs) for floor, ceiling and walls. this is a big no no since it looks far too repetitive. try using some different blocks to spice it up a bit.

  • on the second house the wall designs are nicer but the sides of the roof are a little weird.

    youve tried to cover it up with bushes but im afraid it still looks a bit shit. sometimes its better to stick to a simpler roof design and not have it arch up so much in the middle. that or you could add an extension to the house with another A frame on the end.

Apart from that though its a nice build. Please just quickly go over the builds and use this feedback to fix them up a bit. This will show us that you can deal with constructive criticism and better your build from it.

Once you’re done please just post a pic or two on this thread and hopefully we’ll be able to promote you.


Thanks for the feedback! I will get to work on the fixes as soon as possible tomorrow.


Iron Village House: I added some flower beds, some dark birch trapdoors to the side to make it so it isn’t so flat. I also changed the floors to the “Wall of Spruce Logs” block because when I looked around Iron Village I saw that used a lot.

Old Ford House: I added a side window. Thanks for that advice btw I really like how it turned out.


As the unofficial leader of the Old Ford, I’d like to give a few more in-depth suggestions on your OF house

  • Firstly, I noticed you decided to go for a oval shaped house which some of the east-side OF houses use, so I understand why the roof is shaped a bit odd near the sides and uses full blocks for a straight house instead of stairs. That being said I’d recommend keeping things simple for now and making the house a regular rectangle (I’d recommend just doing this on a new Old Ford house rather than changing the original one you made, up to the overseers though) instead of jutting out the side walls by 1 block, this will help you not make the roof unnecessarily complicated, I’d also just use plain stairs for this. And lastly for the roof, don’t use the extra windowed extension that Ori suggested, OF/homestead houses don’t normally have these.

  • The house you made is also a bit too large, it’s pretty much feast hall sized. The houses are generally around 9x14, give or take 1-2 blocks.

  • Don’t have any thatch exposed inside the house, at all.

  • A few points on the realism of your house: Firstly, Beornings are illiterate, so you shouldn’t have any bookshelves/paper/books anywhere in the house.
    The lanterns in your house shouldn’t really be there, the fireplace is most of the time the only source of light other than windows, and 1 or 2 candles.
    Your beds would be fine normally, but for the Beornings in the Old Ford we add skins/thatch/fodder around the bed as to symbolize a less small and organized sleeping area. If you look in the houses you’ll find the sleeping areas usually have fodder or thatch lying around them. Bunk beds are a no-no.

  • Don’t use glass for your windows, the wooden shutters or fence is more than enough. The iron bars are also a bit odd.

  • Basement shouldn’t be there, if they have any storage they’d either have a shed outside or a separate area within the house for it.

Other than that there are a few little details I would change like the fireplace and kitchen size (you could just extend the kitchen a bit more and add some cupboards/shelves), the armorstand etc. Otherwise it’s a very good first OF house, so I’d recommend just trying another one and if you follow the suggestions I gave you properly, the house will easily be apprentice if not builder material. Good job!


Yeah nice work with the first house but what you’ve done with the second house isnt too good. When I said put an extension on I didn’t really mean what you’ve done but dw about doing that anymore after what eaglz has said. I’d still like to see you try to fix the roof since its still far too steep on the edges and looks weird. Once you’ve done that then we’ll be able to promote you

Sounds Great, I will try to work on it when I have the time today.



Rejected for inactivity