Builder Application: Hugofilius: REJECTED

Player name: hugofilius

How did you find out about us: I follow the youtube canal of dunkonred1

How old are you?: 19

Where are you from?: Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer, and that you must check the forums every few days?: i’am in your Discord

Why do you want to help with this project?: i like the middle earth story’s (obviously) and attempted to build the world myself. But i found out really quick that it would take a crazy amount of time. besides i would like to learn to be a better builder, not because i think i a bad one but because i think there is room for improvement.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: All lord of the rings and hobbit (books and extended films) the peoples of middle earth.


Plot ID: plot 0:-6

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: i think i have difficulty with dwarven builds, i attempted one in my portofolio. i like the elven style, i would no say that i excel in it.

Other relevant skills: x

I applied before like 6 months back and was rejected. this time i took much more time to look at builds in the main world, something I didn’t do last time.

The roof tiles on the inside of a house should be coverd up. Desent outside, work on your interior :slight_smile:

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good job, youll be building in no time :smiley:

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Good job! You could try to improve the interior a bit and as poppel already mentioned, you have to cover up the roof on the inside so you don’t see the rooftiles.

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im working on the interior of my forlond build, update comming soon.

i update 4 photo’s of my interior work in the forlond build. could someone look into it?

Could you please provide us with a more detailed dwarven build? Say a dwarf house for 3, with a sitting area and 2 bedrooms, but do not build a kitchen.

sure, will give it a try

i build a small dwarfhouse 2 bedrooms, livingroom, toillet, studyroom. hope you like it

Have given you some in game responses and instructions, including to redo the interior of your Forlond house, after looking around the server more.

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hey king, I redid the interior, you want me to upload some pic’s or will you come watch in game?

Could you upload some screens incase I cant catch you ingame?

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hey king, I ran into Ytsen in game, and he gave me some advice about my plot. I now claimed a new plot (12:-6) and will practice more builds on this plot. I’ll be back (do not read that with the Arnold accent) when I completed 1 or 2 more builds.

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Any update on this Hugo?

well, I did a lot of building and had a lot of in game response. the thing that I get stuck on is interior work. thats what I have tried to work on the last week. but I didn’t have much time to build due to college stuff. So feel free to take a look at my plot 12:-6 and look at my work.

what do you suggest I do? update photo’s?

Please do update your pictures.

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hey everyone, I updated my portfolio with some interior and exterior shots. looking forward to hear what you think.

Hi Hugo, sorry for not responding to this for so long. Your portfolio is looking better from what I remember however, there are still quite a few strange uses of our blocks both in your exteriors and interiors.


stuff like this where you’ve put the arches up to a full block really doesn’t look good especially when the blocks aren’t from the same material.

Your dwarven interiors are all quite generic and kinda boring. The decorations are all quite random. Always think when you’re doing an interior, what kind of things you would have in a real house, what kind of things a dwarven study, kitchen or bedroom should have (probably not a wheel of cheese in the study and dozens of books throughout the house:stuck_out_tongue: ) Using this logic will drastically improve your interiors and stop them feeling as generic.

Some more specific feedback now; The way you’ve used the bookshelves is unrealistic since they can’t have 2 faces (place them against the side wall so that the books only show on 1 face of the block). The ceiling has bricks that are considered to be made from limestone, none of which can be found in the blue mountains where our dwarves are living. We have some bits of limestone in our older mines however, we have tried to limit its use as much as possible. This is a petty piece of feedback but we strive for as much realism as possible on the server so it looks good if you can show this in your builds.

Your forlond houses plot is quite good and I can see that you’ve put a lot of work into it. However, atm its feeling a little more like a rural forlindon style with the blocks you’ve used for some of the buildings.

I am going to ask you to re do your dwarven house taking into account this feedback but more importantly I suggest going to the thorin’s halls warp and taking some time to look at the guide house that ytsen made there. This should help you get your dwarven house into shape. For your forlond houses, I simply suggest taking a walk around Forlond taking note of details used on the houses as well as the block palette we use. The style has changed somewhat over time so you may find that you get a few ideas on how to update your own forlond houses.

Please let us know when you think you have improved your builds enough and I hope that our response will be swifter in the future.


No kitchens in Dwarven houses too, look at the example at /warp Thorin’s Halls

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when building the dwarf build, king told me not to build a kitchen (see above)