Builder application: FLuffyxRacooon: ACCEPTED


Thomas aka FLuffyxRacooon:

**well not long but i have Always watched videos about the server from the youtuber named Dukonred1 **

** i’m 16**:
**i am from the Netherlands so i’m dutch :smiley: *:
** yes i am **

** because i used to be on a other project name Project of middle earth i have builded there fol a long time till it just stopped (owner stopped the project) so i am looking for a new one that is involved with lotr.**’

** ive watched all the movies i even saw somme of the cartoons and ive readed the lord of the rings serie**

** **:

not that i rly know of atm

not rly maybe later :smiley:

later ill add more builds (from this modpack)

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Looks OK so far - you don’t have the resource packs on though!

I’d suggest building a Dale house.

well i have the resourcepack now! and i will start on a dalish house very soon bcse i started a big plot on the the conquest reforged server9 (where i am vrry busy with) so when i got free time ill sure will build annother house XD prob Monday bcse tommorow i got stuff to do in RL


here is a dalish house btw what i didnt say i am quike learner so im fast in learning diffrend styles "‘most of the time’’

Hey Fluffy, your name is a good indicator of your builds, as they are all really cute and all. That small castle you did I really like, but it’s again, a little too cute. But try and make a somewhat bigger Dalish house, as we go for realism. The dwarven forge in your application is also great stylistically, but in the wrong pack sadly. If your Ardacraft dwarven thing was anywhere near as good you probably would have been accepted, but right now the detailing in it is a bit below standard, maybe because you built it without the right textures, i don’t know.

Anyway, you’ve got a fairly good chance of becoming a builder, just try another Dale house, this time somewhat taller (and doing a non-diagonal might be even better).

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thats alright i’ll start tommorow. :smiley: 2de dalish house

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Install optifine for connected textures, and make sure you have the right version of it (You need D4).And could you take some screenshots of a detailed interior?

i already had optifine D4 installed so i dont know whats wrong with the connected textures on my screen but here you have the interior

You clearly don’t have the resource packs enabled. Put them in the right-hand column.

done and it works nice

just a question im not if im rejected now or if you guys still thinking about it if i can be a builder or not i though i wait a day or 2 to see if something changes but it didnt XD so if i can i get a clear awnser on my question i would be greatfull

Do you mean how long will your app take to be rejected or accepted

You still have not figured out how to get your connected textures and RP to work properly. Note how all the sheep skin carpets in your picture are separate; They would be connected if you had it working. I suggest that you double check all the RPs are in the right position and go over your graphics settings. if you’re still having trouble after checking all this then you could post on the support section on our discord or forums.
Apart from this your builds look pretty good but i’m not sure if you can be accepted with the above mentioned problems.


lol I was gonna say that

but i did fix that XD like the blocks are connected right now. and yes Aptipild i indeed meant that but i dont know what happend there XD but yeah for examble the sheep skin carpets are connected right now so i think i got everything (resourcepcks)

Well post the updated screenshots then with the working resource packs. i only did these bcse at the others you dont rly see anny diffrendsedses
atleast of my oppinion if needed i can makes screens of the other aswell


Looks good, accepted.