Builder Application: EnooPenoo: REJECTED

Player name : EnooPenoo

How did you find out about us? :
I’ve seen ArdaCraft on youtube and the server was already in the server list when I downloaded CR. I checked it out and liked what I saw

How old are you? :

Where are you from? :

Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer, and that you must check the forums every few days?:

Why do you want to help with this project? :
Many of the styles appeal to me. I’ve played on Darwin for a while now and got curious about building in a team.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to? :
I’ve seen the films.
I tried reading The Hobbit when I was 12 but the English was too advanced for me. Doesn’t read much these days but I’m interested in Tolkiens world and lore.

Portfolio : Ronan house

Plot ID : -16:16

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with? :
(at Darwin I have one plot finished and one in progress) I like building more domestic and intimate environments. I don’t really have a difficulty with any style but big scale projects with few details and many repetative elements are not really my cup of tea.

Other relevant skills : I study architecture at the university and is half-way to a master. (studied for 2.5 years)

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The album is updated with screenshots from another ronan-house


Thank you EnooPenoo for you application, sorry for the delay.

Your Rohan build could use a little work, but you’ve got the basics down. The interior beamwork looks good on the “high class” house but is a bit underwhelming on the “low class” . You do need to fix a few things before i can approve it. Feels like you’ve built some kind of mixed classes. A middle class mixed with a high class and and a low class mixed with a middle class. I would suggest upgrading the "high class house with more decorations and replace the strange wall with something more pretty. On the “Low class” house you could make the entrance and louvres simpler.

When you have finished what i mentioned above then you can build either a gondor house(this would be more difficult but if you want a challenge.(Theres no guide so you can see examples at “/warp fbgondor”)) or a hobbit house /warp hobbitguide

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There is a story behind the first house. The house is older, as can be seen from the roof. The family living there today is kinda poor and doesn’t have as much money as the previous generations who buit it. That’s why the interior is much more simple. The windows has been boarded up so they won’t freeze and save fire wood. The leaking roof suggests that the family doesn’t have enough money to properly maintain their house and the “weird” wall was a quick fix so they won’t see that part of the house.
But waybe a story like this is “overkill”?

And when you say that the beams on house 2 is underwhelming, do you mean to “weak” to bear the load?

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Here are some images of a Gondorian house. Since there were no guides i just took some liberties. It is an upper class house for a rich merchant.

And here are some images of a hobbit house from the northern villages. I would say that the family is middle class.


Both looks great!
As a last thing before i promote you to apprentice id like you to build a 20x20 tharbad ruin. Guide can be found at /warp tharbad


Tharbad ruin:
(I hope that I understood the guide correctly)

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Looks great! I cant claim to be an expert in ruins but you’ll be able to get more experience and feedback when you build later.
I’m happy to promote you to Apprentice now. Congrats!

Being an Apprentice means you are a part of the project, but not a full Builder yet. You have this rank so you can learn and understand how we build. We have high standards and a focus on realism which means that there are things for you to learn. Your duties as an Apprentice should give you good grounding to become a Builder, and, as such, you will begin your first lot of on-server building work assisting current Builders on their builds. This will hopefully allow you to obtain the experience needed to build on your own when you feel you can start on building something on your own.

When building as an Apprentice, you are only permitted to build on one building at a time. This not only provides you with good practice for your time as a Builder, but also allows project leaders and Overseers to get a good and clear idea of what your building abilities are. This will allow us to give you better and more bespoke feedback, and prevent any unnecessary problems. Keep in mind that you are only allowed to work on something if you have permission from a project leader via an open plot or confirmation if it’s something else. Finally, as an Apprentice you must always listen to project leaders when they give you feedback, criticisms, and tasks. Ask them if you are unsure of what to build, or how to build it. You have this rank to learn. In order to eventually obtain Builder, please read the guidelines below:
When you build a house in a project and think it is finished, you should add an ‘Awaiting Approval’ block above your build. The project leader will assess your build and give you fair feedback, asking you to update your build, or approving it. When your building is approved, you may add it to this thread, stating what your build was, which project it is a part of, and its coordinates (X,Z). For example:

Upper class hobbit home, Longbottom.
Coords: -1328, 408

When you have achieved a standard of building that matches the basic standard of the server, you will be promoted to Builder. This requires you to build at least 5 buildings in differing styles, for example two hobbit houses, two Tharbad ruins and a Rohan home.

Right now there arent much to build on the 1.12 server so i would suggest that you join the 1.15 where you can build Moria / rohan builds

ArdaCraft is a friendly community that explores the freedom to create and build together. However, when we are dealing with an enormous project like this there are some guidelines we need to follow to make it work. Firstly, always name and date the stuff you build. We have a set of project blocks that we use - you can read about those in the new player guide at ‘/warp spawn’. Secondly, if you are looking for something to help out with, you can type ‘/warp jobs’. This is where you can find all open jobs like building houses or something similar. You will be provided with instructions on how to get to these projects, and what to build once you get there. Thirdly, do not be afraid to ask members for help and get to know us. This is a community project and it’s important to be part of the community! Stay active on Discord and the forums. Make sure to let an Overseer know who you are on Discord so that he can give you the appropriate rank on there. On a final note, please remember that Apprentice is not a permanent rank, so we require a certain level of activity during your progression. Being active fewer than once a month will result in your application being rejected.

You are welcome to contact me on discord if you have any questions!

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Hey Enoo! I’ll be taking you on as my apprentice. I’ll be looking to assign you some things to do, but should you have nothing specifically assigned, work in the concepting areas and always feel free to ask on the server if someone needs some help!

Congrats again!


Rejected on request