Builder Application: dwoid: REJECTED

dwoid (I just go by Droid)

How I discovered ArdaCraft: I’ve been aware of Ardacraft through some friends of mine for close to half a year now on another server. I also became more aware through Youtube as well as Instagram.

Age: 16-17

Where I’m from: Northern US, it’s too cold.

Discord: Yep, I’m on the discord. I’ve in fact moderated a few and owned a couple myself.

Why I want to help: Ever since I’ve been introduced to Professor Tolkien’s work I have been enthralled and amazed at the world he created. I’ve been a member of other build servers based off of things I enjoy so I figure I’d try out this one.

I was introduced to Middle Earth through the Lord of the Rings movies, as well as the Hobbit.
After joining the server for the first time, I went out and bought all 3 parts of LotR and the Hobbit.
Since then I’ve made it half of the way through The Fellowship of the Ring.
I’ve also watched as many videos as I can find on Youtube on the lore of Arda, going back to its creation.

Build Images:

Plot ID: -36, -27

I really enjoy the style of the Shire, as well as other designs that are very ingrained in nature. I haven’t tried many designs, but I’m sure I can learn!

I have 2 years of experience moderating discords and permissions. I’m also very familiar with Worldedit, as well as Spongeforge. (I’m a mod on a build server that uses it.) I’ve played Minecraft since 2011. The other server I play on we do a lot of very large scale planning, which I have experience at as well. I’m a dedicated and creative person, and I can’t wait to see your advice and suggestions to make my work better!


Hey Dwoid, your application is promising, but you still have a lot to improve before we can consider you apprentice worthy.
The smial you did isn’t bad and you have some understanding of the resource pack and building experience, but there are some odd choices you made. Judging by it’s size (there are 7 rooms), the presence of a large bathhouse and of a bookshelf, it should be an high class house; but the interior looks very poor and i have the feeling you haven’t used the mod at it’s fullest, cause it feels a bit vanillish, if you know what I mean. I’d suggest you to make an off ground house following the hobbit guide more strictly, then if you want you can go back and update the interior of this one a little bit as well.

We also request at least another build on our current styles, which in this case are Rohan and the Tharbad ruins, but I suggest you to give a try to both of them. (the rohan inspired buildings I saw on your plot are very far from what we’re doing on the map).
Keep us updated!


Rejected due to inactivity

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