Builder Application: DaysRevenge: ACCEPTED

Player name: DaysRevenge

How long have you been a member of this project?: I joined this Server 2-3 weeks ago

How old are you?: 26

Where are you from?: Saxony, Germany

Are you in our Discord?: Yes

Why do you want to help with this project?: I love the world Tolkien created and i want to help making his world “real” for everyone.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: The Hobbit (Book and Movie), Lotr (same), Silmarilion, The Children of Hurin

Portfolio: Plot 2:10 Dale Style Arnor Style

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I like the Medieval and Greek/old roman style, but if i have some time to practice, I can build almost any style. The Dale Buildings on my plot for example are the first Buildings in this style i’ve ever build.
I dont like Interiors and Natural things like Trees

Other relevant skills: Knowledge about Antic/Medieval warfare


Can i please get a answer if my application is ok or if i have to change something? :confused:

Interior seems fine to me

I would make note to remember in the future that we make dur to cover up our tiles when doing interiors at roof level too floors. You did a partial cover-up. That being said, it’s a tiny detail even I wasn’t aware of until way after I was made builder. You’re use of blocks is so far good. I’d accept if I had the ability to! Any other server server monoliths disagree? I like this app.

Do u mean, i should cover the tiles behind walls in the inside? Sry, i didn’t use english in a bigger way since school, so I mess up sometimes :sweat:

Yes, cover them with stairs, full blocks, or trap doors. So, the tiles won’t be visible from the inside when looking at the ceiling.

I add a new Pic on my album. Is it so better now? Should i cover every room with tiles like that?

Thats better but make it follow the shape of the roof.

I updated my Portfolio with new and changed Pics

Hey Days, sorry for the late reply. This is looking really promising, both exterior and interior. But could you perhaps try and make a ‘standalone’ Dale styled building, not attached to any other houses. Just to show how well you can detail, and that you are also capable of doing less boxy builds. I’d also try to avoid the use of carved pillar blocks in Dale, since they don’t really fit the style. Good luck, and you can always ask people for advice on the server (or me through a pm on discord).


I’m glad to hear, that my interior is good, cause i dont think so about :sweat_smile:
I’m working on a stand alone house on my plot atm, so i will update my Portfolio soon


First update (still working on it)

I’ve updated my Portfolio with some arnor stuff i build on SP

That looks great, Welcome to the team!


We can now promote you, so next time you are online you will be a builder!