Builder application :CharyFalcon: ACCEPTED

Hello Folks !

Thread title: Builder Application: CharyFalcon

Player name: germancry

How long have you been a member of this project?: I’m following you on Youtube since 2 Months so far. Watched Videos from Dukonred1 and your Channel, that’s how you got my Attention

How old are you?: 21

Where are you from?: Germany

Why do you want to help with this project?: Well this is actually a long Story :slight_smile: I started playing Minecraft 5-6 years ago… I was searching for an medieval mincraft server and found one. I met two guys who where my best friends for the last 5 years. We played minecraft every day and where building on a huge map called Madriavis. After some time we decided to buy a server and search for builder’s who wanted to help us. After several years we started new Citys over and over and kinda ruined our map. Then we started a new bigger world called Antaloor, wich was then our dream ov maps. However school was important and then we split up. Now i’m back in Minecraft and got some time to spend on. My Building style is quite different, and i can adjust my building style over a short time to the given one. You can also see some of our work on Youtube (MultiTask) or type in DieBlockRitter. As for now, i would be happy to increase your team by me to help you realize this awesome Project.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: Read The Hobbit and The return of the King
: Watched all Movies.


Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: No

Other relevant skills: Textruring, World Edit, Voxel, Video cutting, Huge buildings !

EDIT I added new Pictures from an elven style building and also added two pictures of my old map. Copyright is by me ! All Buildings shown are from me.

The medieval house looks good, but the eleven tower is very different to ours. Could you perhaps build a Mithlond or Harlond structure in our style?

Should have named the Tower unfinished before*

Will do.


I would recommend having a good look on the server, on how we detail our builds, and what specific blocks we use in which type of buildings.

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My main complaint is with some of the builds (namely the Mithlond one) you just can’t see them. very well. Atmospheric/dark/impossible to see pictures don’t really matter in builder apps (if they’re pics in daylight it’s better because then we can give you good criticism!). Your Bree one looks great-just show us the elven one too!

Updated again.

If this is still not enaugh, i got anotherone i’m working on.

The best way would be a building plot for me on the server, so i prevent hopping between sp and the server

Plots are coming soon i think.

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Build again something new, watch the last pictures, hope you enjoy!

Great work, welcome to the team!

Thanks :slight_smile: I appreciate it !