Builder application: Blazertrail REJECTED

Player name: Blazertrail

How did you find out about us?: on youtube

How old are you?: 12-15

Where are you from?: Scotland

Are you in our Discord? no

Why do you want to help with this project?: I really like lord of the rings and building in minecraft so it would be perfect to combine then

What Tolkien related works have you rad seen or listened to?:I have read lotr, read the hobbit 3 times, read unfinished tales, read A Dictionary of Tolkein by David Day and researched the lore a lot (I have also seen all the films)


Plot ID: my builds for this application are on 28:12 but I also build on 28:13

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?:I think I am best at dwarven hobbits and medieval but don’t mind doing other styles

Other relevant skills: I don’t know how to code and I have never created a resource pack

Plot ID:28:12

your imgur album is empty. Please take some screenshots of your builds and upload them to the album

there is

I put them in an album it might have images now

Try not to use shaders for your portfolio in the future, it makes it hard to see what’s going on.

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Ok, yeah please look around the server at the styles we are building and try to replicate them in your builds. What youve got right now isn’t up to standard Im afraid. Please go back, look at our styles, fix your builds and upload some more screens but without shaders. Thanks

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what are the current styles, am I doing the right ones

Lothlorien (warp LV1, LV6) Thorin’s Halls (warp Thorin’s Halls), Beorning villages (warp Old ford, burh3, Ironvillage, Village 1, Village 2).
And maybe still some optional Arnorian ruins? Not sure on that one.

You tried to do the styles we’re looking for but what you actually built bore little resemblance to what we’ve got on the map

ok I have started building the same styles again but closer to the ones you’ve built


here are my new builds

lothlorien build:

beorning build:

Im sorry but these simply just aren’t good enough for the kind of thing we’re looking for. Im going to reject this application on the grounds that we gave you a chance to look at the server in more detail but your builds still don’t at all show the quality that we are looking for.

You are welcome to re apply in a months time; if you do this please take time to look around the server seeing what kind of materials/techniques we use for our builds and then take even more time in making sure your house is up to the same standard.

I have improved the beorning build can I show it now or will I need to wait a mounth

here is the improved beorning build: