Builder Application: Bedrock206: REJECTED

Player name: Bedrock206

How did you find out about us: A friend told me about you, and my interest was piqued.

How old are you?: 14-16

Where are you from?: Washington State, US

Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer, and that you must check the forums every few days?: Yes, and yes.

Why do you want to help with this project?: It combines two of my favourite subjects: Tolkien and Minecraft.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?: I have read the Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings, and am working on The Silmarillion. I have watched all three Hobbit films and all three Lord of the Rings films.


Plot ID: -3:-16

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: I’m good at making natural scenery and castles. I am not so good at making things appear random.

Other relevant skills: I am learning JS and Python. I like pixel artwork.

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Thank you for applying to join our build team! This is one of the largest projects in the game so you’ve made the right choice.

As for some criticism - the Lórien house really isn’t up to scratch. The roof doesn’t have any kind of flow or curve to it. For a more in-depth look into how the roofs have been approached in Lórien, please see this post. However, this is absolutely our most challenging style at the moment, so this does not mean your application will be rejected!

The Rohan house is better, though the interior thatch needs more support. I’ll leave it to Rohan experts to review it more fully (@Eaglz24, @MicahVanderman).

Overall, this app does show some promise, though you do need to improve before you can be promoted to Apprentice. Here are the three things you need to do:

  1. Copy a Lórien house from LV2 block-for-block in order to gain a more complete understanding of how these houses are made.
  2. Build your own version of a Lórien house after learning lessons from step 1.
  3. Build a diagonal Rohan house.

Once you’ve done these things, post pictures of the results in this thread, and we can move forward.

Good luck!


I will get to work ASAP!


I’ve finished the new Lorien house and am going to start work on the diagonal Rohan house immediately after.

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Finished the diagonal Rohan house! Only thing left is to re-create a Lorien home

And the final house is complete! This one is the copied Lorien house from LV2.

I will not be able to get on the server for about 11 days as my family is going on vacation, but I will try to check the forums a few times.


Hey, an Overseer should be able to review this for you in the next few days. Enjoy your holiday


Hey there, great to see the effort you are putting into this! Anyway, I think you misunderstood what Fornad said before: he suggested to recreate an existing lorien house and only AFTER that to build your own version following that style. I guess this partially explains why the roofshape of your current build hasn’t that much in common with the style of lv2, looks more like lv8. Even if it’s not that bad and there are some clear improvements compared to the first one you did, it still looks a bit strange. I suggest you to avoid diagonal houses in the beginning, since diagonals in lorien are a real pain, and to give a purpose to your buildings (the most typical ones in lorien are weaver, hunter, farmer, forager, kitchen and feasthall).
Could you please build another one, trying to follow more strictly the style of lv2, which you should now be more confident with?
Anyway, seeing your efforts, I think you are worth of apprentice rank. :grin:


Thanks for Apprentice!

Very nice work!

Being an Apprentice means you are a part of the project, but not a full Builder yet. You have this rank so you can learn and understand how we build. We have high standards and a focus on realism which means that there are things for you to learn.

Your duties as an Apprentice should give you good grounding to become a Builder, and, as such, you will begin your first lot of on-server building work assisting current Builders on their builds. This will hopefully allow you to obtain the experience needed to build on your own when you feel you can start on building something on your own.

When building as an Apprentice, you are only permitted to build on one building at a time. This not only provides you with good practice for your time as a Builder, but also allows project leaders and Overseers to get a good and clear idea of what your building abilities are. This will allow us to give you better and more bespoke feedback, and prevent any unnecessary problems.

Finally, as an Apprentice you must always listen to project leaders when they give you feedback, criticisms, and tasks. Ask them if you are unsure of what to build, or how to build it. You have this rank to learn.
In order to eventually obtain Builder, please read the guidelines below:

When you build a house in a project and think it is finished, you should post a comment on this application thread with the closest warp and coordinates of your house. Then Builders or Overseers will comment on this thread and give you fair feedback. When you have achieved a standard of building that matches the basic standard of the server, you will be promoted to Builder. This could be on your first build or one further down the line.

ArdaCraft is a friendly community that explores the freedom to create and build together. However, when we are dealing with an enormous project like this there are some guidelines we need to follow to make it work.

Firstly, always name the stuff you build. We have a set of project blocks that we use - you can read about those in the new player guide at ‘/warp spawn’.

Secondly, if you are looking for something to help out with, you can type ‘/warp jobs’. This is where you can find all open jobs like building houses or something similar. You will be provided with instructions on how to get to these projects, and what to build once you get there.

Thirdly, do not be afraid to ask members for help and get to know us. This is a community project and it’s important to be part of the community! Stay active on Discord and the forums. Make sure to let Fornad know who you are on Discord so that he can give you the appropriate rank on there.

Keep up the good work


Alright, I’ve built a hunter’s home.

This building is shorter then the copied LV2 home, so I had to interpret the new roof shape as well as where the windows would go.
I closed off one arch for a worktable area.
Hope this is sufficient!

This looks primising! Could you just add a couple more screenshots, possibly without shaders? Those you have now are not that clear. Anyway, since Caras Galadhon, won’t open to the public that soon, I suggest you to focus on rohan and dwarven style, so that you can have the chance to work on the main map and eventually get to builder rank. :ok_hand:


Sounds good! Should I post updates/other work here?

Yes please.

Without shaders

Sorry the inside is a little bland, there weren’t many elvish-looking hunting related-blocks. :frowning:

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Looking nice, time to focus on the main map now, there’s plenty of work to do in Rohan!


I’ve completed my first project: A house interior in Rohan.

Closest warp: Folcmund
Coordinates: 9765 59 12247

Some feedback has been left for you on the project blocks above your house


I’ve made some corrections.

House approved, it’s looking much, much better now. Changed up a few things and removed some blocks due to the technicalities surrounding the style of the houses and culture of the people that we are aiming at for Rohan, but otherwise very good.