Builder Application: 0KUHAKU: REJECTED


When searching on the conquest reforged mod sit i saw this server and i thought to give joining a server a shot. Ilike it so far

I am a 22 year old young man,

I am from the Netherlands.

Currentley i am not in the discord but will be joining soon

i think it is fun to build in groups and i want to be an better builder and i think i can learn a lot form you guys and hope that i can be a great addition to your team.

from the tolkien series i have read all the hobit and the LOTR books and seen all the films. i like them so much. i know those are the most common but i am fond of his work it is great and awesome.

this is my build that i made in a private project. i do it this way because i started out here today for the first time.

the styles that i like to build in are;

  • magical
  • floating
  • greek
  • and old citys and hamlets

what i still find hard is;

  • decorating curved walls
  • interiors

appart from building i have no coding skills, i have never done texturing my self but i am willing to learn.

i hope you like this and i am open for critique and your opinions.

That temple looks very nice! Tho to be able to become a builder you’ll have to hop onto our plots world, and build a building in our dwarven (warp Thorin’s Halls) and beorning (warp Burh3 or Iron village) styles.

Rejected for inactivity