Player name: Soluna

Player rank: Builder

Location name: Brockenborings

No real lore. By default should be quite similar to Scary (and Dwaling) since it is in the much larger Scary Hills super region. Brockenborings is theorized as having come from “badger holes” although the Germanic root brocken comes from boulders. Either way it gives you an idea of what is to be expected.

Brockenborings will have a tavern/inn/similar along with a small post office (possibly?), a row of a few houses along the hill (one may have an entrance to the tunnel system), a small market area (undecided location) and a comprehensive tunnel system that is composed of pseudo-mine shafts that could have been used for a variety of things (storage, prison(?), etc).

Album of test build:,RJSyJhZ,1pwSf3F,ZRAb4rE,Y2bktor,cUDHY6k

Possible Layout: