The iron village is open /warp ironvillage - Use the style that burh1 uses

Here’s some good things to note before you begin (this is guide is also present on site):

  1. Some of the houses have pink wool in their outline, and the area enclosed by the pink wool is built on the floodplain and as such the house will require stilts. However the stilt concept is not limited to the pink wool houses these are only the areas it must be done. Example of what I mean is below or /warp staddle

  2. If you feel as though the terrain gradient is too steep for your build (which is the case for many of the houses) you can make a retaining wall in order to raise the terrain to a more acceptable level. Example below from Michel Delving.

  3. If you would like to build the farms or roads you may just pm me and I’ll give you the planning.


@Whickery_Dickens Iron village is coming along really nicely but I would suggest having a few less diagonal houses. They re good to mix things up and work well on diagonal roads, but I would say the houses you currently have planned as diagonal in the centre of the village would actually make more sense being in the regular orientation. Also would make em easier to build.


I understand where your coming from and i’m willing to re-evaluate the number of diagonal layouts. However I did want this town to look somewhat rural and in my experience there are generally no strict covenants to determine how the house is orientated.

Just going to bring back up this topic because in my opinion its a minor change which will make everyones life easier. Iron Town still has a surplus of diagonal layouts. Most of them are sitting there waiting to be finished because they’re generally just cumbersome to make. I made a quick possible layout below, which still has a number of diagonals but the two main houses in the centre have been changed and moved slightly so as to give them room to breath. If anything, it makes more sense to have the inn ‘straight’ and on the road because thats how it would pick up the most traffic.

As a side note, I would also consider making the house in the upper right of the village smaller. It’s practically the same size as the inn and yet its just a bee keeper.



But honey…

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Looked over Brimstream again and it looks about done. If anyone else finds mistakes or texture issues you can either fix them or point them out to me on discord. But as for the project it is finished. Good job @Whickery_Dickens! Only took 7 months :wink: