Block communication suggestion

it is something that have annoyed me for awhile, and I finally decided to do something about that.Since our community is growing and more projects will run at the same time, I think it is time to make a more understandable system. So far everyone has just used there own systems, and it has always ended up with a mess. I think it is time to change that, so here is my first suggestion/example.

So, instead of using wool color codes or other blocks, should we instead have custom blocks for it.

It would also be sweet if we also made a system for plots/layout. I know westeros is using something similar, not exactly sure how it is done there. But anyway, what do you guys think? Is it needed?


Request it on the blocks sheet!

A “needs improvement” block would be good too.

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I don’t remember exactly the blocks Westeros uses for this kind of thing. But we could also literally just use theirs as well, considering we have permission to use their textures?

I’ve made some textures: Looks good with conquest.,
I have checked it and this is pretty much the same as westeros.

For “needs improvement” we can just use the comment block I made. :wink: