Beriarhûn (Arthedain Fort)

Thread title: Arnor Fort 3

Player name(s): Eaglz24

Player rank: Builder+

Location name: Arnor Fort 3

Lore: Not really any ‘real’ lore for this fort, it’s north-east of Fornost, and located on a small hill situated in front of a forest. However me and Guan determined it could be a fort that was built to defend against the witch-king, seeing as it has a good position. It could also perhaps be ruined more than others because of it’s short-term attempt to withstand the witch-king, without much concern of the long-term sustainability of the fort.

And with the forest to the east, the fort (or the east side, perhaps partially the keep too) would be in much heavier ruin due to the forest eating up and destroying it even quicker.

Basically the forts gonna be toast.

Overhead plan:

Note: Some of these buildings inside the castle could literally be anything that would make sense for the castle to have, seeing as once they’re ruined the ‘buildings’ will be completely indistinguishable anyway.

  1. Main keep
  2. Tower
  3. Tower
  4. Tower
  5. Tower
  6. Tower
  7. Some kind of servicing building, barracks or armory most likely.
  8. Stables perhaps.
  9. Something smaller, probably a storage room of some kind.
  10. Main gate
  11. Inner castle tower
  12. Inner castle tower
  13. Inner castle tower

Reference Imagery:

Concept(s): Just using the arnor style I guess, same as the other forts.



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All done.