Player name: MicahVanderman

Player rank: Builder +

Private or Public: Public

Location name: Burh 1

Lore: See Glov’s above

Overhead plan:

This is the overhead plan that I had put a lot of thought into. The difficulty placing the burh closer to the mountains is the occasional attacks from the goblins, and it would be difficult to defend against the west. I also placed it somewhat on a hill overlooking the main road.

  • The black would be the palisades. Basically, these would have a stone base and a stereotypical wooden stake barrier above that. This will be one of the only project able use to grey stone, so this would be taken advantage of. Also, there is a possibility the Dwarves could have assisted in the making, but even not these men could have easily worked with stone.
  • The purple would be towers.
    *The blue would be the main hall/keep. This would be similar style to the rest however would have a little protection around just it as it would hold the most important materials of the burh.
  • The green are farm/s pastures.
  • Yellow are small owned gardens/pastures owned by the people in the burh itself. This would provide for easy milk, wool, meat, or crop instead of going outside the burh for this. I had this idea because from already existing concepts of burhs and Anglo-Saxon villages.
  • The orange is paths.
  • The red are houses and settlements of the Beornings. Many of their jobs will be hunting, but the most important job is to protect the pass and protect the burh itself from goblins in the misties. So the guard towers will be an important part of this burh, as they provide protection to not only the Beornings themselves but any traveler.
  • And finally the cyan would be a small lumber camp as the houses that will be built are mostly wood the rest being stone.

This will be laid out in game too and Glov will look over things before proceeding.

Concepts: Mostly see Glov’s concepts at /warp Beornings. The style is going to be swiss style because of it’s proximity to the mountains, but not as ornate as Glov’s examples at /warp Beornings. The main buildings are going to be a mixture of the swiss style, and the main “rustic” style and will have a character look that is distinct from other projects. However, the burh will have a very defensive quality towards it, and may be a little beat up in places, because this is one of the main protections for the villages and settlements further down the road.

Terrain: Nothing much other than changing the hillside to fit the palisades better and possibly a ditch if possible, but won’t be too upset if that doesn’t work out.

Any suggestions, comments, feedback are appreciated.

I’d make that public.


Will do. I’ll have an in game guide eventually. I was thinking about having it public although I wasn’t exactly sure it all entailed. I’ll make it open when all of the layouts are complete and if and when the application is accepted.


Again, accepted on the condition that you lay things out completely and get it approved again before beginning building.

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Will do. :slight_smile:

Burh1 Is open to the public! do /warp burh1 and get started in section 1! It’s surrounded by pink wool! Have fun and follow the guide! Also, I’ve changed it up a little. Interiors should be done along with the exterior of the house. The house won’t be accepted until that is finished!


Orrangejuice is now Co-Leading the project with me. As he has helped plan, helped with ideas, and helped build more than probably even I.


Section 2 is now finished thanks to the successful build day. Section 3 is now opened! I will be with family for the remainder of the holiday, so I won’t be able to be on. If you have questions message me over discord. Feel free to build in section 3.


Beorgburh is offically complete! There is a quarry and a lumber-camp included. Thanks everyone for the tremendous help. Also a side note, by recommendation of @wheellee,I pasted the Old Ford village back into the main map. Hopefully, I can get back into getting that finished in the near future as well. @Glov is also more than welcome to work on it or change anything as it was originally his. Roads to the settlements will be done in the near future too. Hope the announcements helped a little bit. Lovely work so far on the Beorning stuff!