Banner image for the installer

Looking for some original artwork, graphics, or a screenshot to use on the modpack installer.
The installer will provide an alternative method for running the modpack for those who are unable to (or just don’t want to) use the Launcher.

Dimensions are 600x320, so the image should look good at that size.
If anyone has any suggestions/submissions, please post below. Thanks!

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I made a hand-drawn Thorin map and weathered the paper and such, but i don’t know if it would suit C:

Some stuff that crankerman did - not the full versions, but since they haven’t been used anywhere.

Links to the full versions?

a more iconic screenshot like bag end might work

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Agreed - a shaders shot of Bag End from the south would be fine. It’s our most easily recognisable build.

could you post some links of such a shot? I’ll try 'em out and see what works

A crop or resize of this shot perhaps?

Will give it a try. Are there any from a bit higher up? With the current angle there’s a lot of stuff (mainly leaf blocks I think) obscuring the view of the hobbit holes, which makes them hard to distinguish at the intended image size

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I’ll join the game with my edited version of Fresh’s render.

That’s even brighter than his, can’t say I like it much.

Wut about mine?

A bit too dark, far away, and foggy. Fresh’s is probably the best, it just lacks Better Foliage which has come to characterise the map.

Hmm, imma take a new screenshot with Chocapic then, which is alot lighter and looks better at a distance i think.

EDIT: Nevermind it looks worse for some reason…