Atlan's Memorial Thread

After a long and unannounced absence, we can only conclude that our dear friend Atlantispy has - after a lifetime of kiddy fiddling - finally ended it. This is, perhaps, for the best.

He was a stalwart member of our community since the start, and whilst I cannot say he’ll be pined for much in a sentimental sense, I imagine that we’ll miss someone to blame lack of progress on.

Please feel free to share any memories of the community’s late diaper sniper.

edit: Actually gone now RIP


Just like Old Djembe, he will be sorely missed.

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He did what most could not do. He saw through the facade that life offered and ended it. Either that, or autism took over.

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"Kiddy Fiddling"

I find it touching that you guys would make a memorial thread for me. Not that touching had anything to do with my absence.