Thread title: Project Application: MineE.

Player name(s): Creepyboy666, Bluesshark.

Player rank: Builder+ and Builder

Location name: Dwarven settlement in the north Ered-Luin. (MineE)

Lore: Their is not much lore about these settlements but we know that it are dwarves of the Firebeards, Broadbeems or Longbeards that lived here. They made this settlement after the fall of Nogrod and Belegost in the first age. It is meant to be an abandoned settlement and poor, so they needed much goods from the local villages and couldn’t import much from far lands. they mined Iron (most for thorins halls). their used to live 115 dwarves, they left for thorins halls and they Just decrease. This mine is abandoned for 600 years so the part in the back is destroyed.

Overhead plan: AND CONCEPTS:

Reference Imagery:
I want to work on this because I love dwarven far more than the other races . this shouldnt take too long but necessary for my improvement in dwarven stuff. because i want to improve it

MineE is now ready for checking

Approved! Have fun

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yeeey, thanks!!!

I think I heard you mention today that this is almost done - is that true?

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Everything i have so far is done and I only need one hall and a smaller house hall so I am on 70% i think.
Hope to finish it this week. Wasnt a large project at all. Lay-out flies above the entrance.


mineE is finished, i am at schedule :slight_smile:


Well done!

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