Ash_Blundermug's (Scoopz) Application: REJECTED

Player name: Ash_Blundermugs

How did you find out about us: Trawling various lists of awesome MC servers.

How old are you?: 23

Where are you from?: America (RIP)

Are you in our Discord? Do you understand that you must have Discord running at all times when at your computer, and that you must check the forums every few days?: Yee.

Why do you want to help with this project?: I love Tolkien, and building, and designing! I only wish we could make the world even MORE alive.

Which Tolkien-related works have you read, seen or listened to?:

LOTR, all three books
The Hobbit
Children of Hurin
The Silmarillion (Partially)
Agressive amounts of the LOTR wikia.

LOTR, all three movies
The Hobbit, 1 & 3 (unfortunately)

The Two Houses:
(Dunland style first, not a current style. Lorien style and then Rohan style at the end.)

Westeroscraft stuff:
(application build, scribe’s apartment/library)

(area housing test, Westeroscraft–builder)

(iron age castle, survival, mostly just a study in layout)

Plot ID: -18:0 & -19:0

Are there any styles that you excel at? Any styles which you have difficulty with?: DUNLAAAAAAND. I love iron age settlements. Rohan is also fun, I really appreciate all the work thats gone into the custom blocks–they look amazing. Not good at the Lorien style of building, mostly just not inspired by LOTR Elves–or just Elves (those pointy eared bastards). Love Dwarves, but haven’t had much chance in MC to do much underground creatively.

EDIT: I’m also pretty good at improvising based on the environment. Also light terraforming. Love fortifications of all kinds, earthworks, bridges, logistics, etc. etc.

Other relevant skills: Narp.

Love the work, peeps! Think the server is amazing!


Hi, based on feedback from my original–hasty and terribly done app builds, here is an intergalactic quality upgrade for a Lorien style and Rohan style build. Proud to say they are leagues better than before.

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Another Rohan build to build a tavern that is more fitting with the time period. So, now presenting, A Rohan longhouse!

Possibly Dwarven structures to follow.

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That’s looking a lot better. If you do well on your Dwarven build, that should be sufficient for Apprentice.

Extremely cool beans! Ill get started tomorrow, big late here. Thanks for the encouragement!

Here is a Dwarven facade, for the sake of at least charting my progress I’m uploading it now. 8 Builds in half as many days has me a little tired. Here’s hoping!

A Rohirrim Potter, complete with clay pit, firing pits, kilns, chicken coop, and privy!

Given some pointers in game, promoted to apprentice. Be sure to post updates here!

Hallo, I am nearing completion on my first apprentice build and awaiting approval.

For all interested, the Aldburg Potter can be found a short distance down the road from the gate near /warp aldburg.

image gallery:

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I talked to you in-game after you posted this, but you haven’t changed the things i wanted you to. Are you still going to be active on the server?

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Hey sorry Yts, I’m bowing out for the time being as I’m starting Grad School! So yes the for time being, I’m afraid I’ll continue to be inactive for a while. I wish I could give you some hard dates, but rn I just have to see what my workload is like. Totally understand if you want me to reapply down the line!

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I’ ll reject this for the time being, but feel free to re-apply at any time. We’ll be a bit more lenient that time around of course. Best of luck in grad school!

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