Ardacraft Youtube Resources

Posting a small guide of sorts for those who want to produce videos for our official youtube. I’ll try to continue to make videos myself but I burn out pretty fast and do have a life as well.

Below I’ll post some resources for producing similar content to what we already have on our channel. Anyone who wishes to submit videos is by no means obligated to follow my format, although I know Fornad would like some consistency among our uploads.

In short:

Intro download: http://www.■■■■■■■■■■■■■/file/l5ij535d20h0ck1/ArdaCraft2.1.mp4
Format of body video will depend on the type of video you would like to produce, cinematic, tutorial, tour, etc.
Outro should consist of a slow or static ambient clip of the server with an annotation overlay via YT’s Creator Studio. I used to make the outro screen manually but the overlay is far more efficient, easy to use, and consistent.
I have been using the top right template but feel free to use whatever youd like or make your own if you wish.
Note that YT limits outro templates to a maximum of 20s at the end of the video.

Suggested Software & Mods:

[Camera tracks] CMD Cam or Bauercam
(CMD Cam is easier to use, Bauercam has more options and works best with minema)

[Video Recording] Minema or Shadowplay and Replay Mod
(Minema records any resolution natively but I continue to have issues using it with CR versions. Shadowplay is an NVIDIA GPU exclusive that smoothly screencaptures) (Replay mod records your game sessions passively and allows you to replay them in an editor to render shots natively in whatever resolution you want and with shaders. Extremely useful for tutorials and timelapses.)

[Shaderpacks] Continuity Shaders or SEUS Renewed (patrix’s custom edit of SEUS) or Crankerman’s TME
(refer to shaderlabs to download all of these packs and more, excluding patrix’s edit,

[Misc] Shoulder Surfing Reloaded
(helpful for distance shots and keeping shadows loaded, also just fun)

I will try to keep this post updated and continue to add to it.