ArdaCraft Wiki?


I seem to remember a while back hearing about the potential of an ArdaCraft Wiki, sort of in a similar vein to what WesterosCraft has. I was just wondering if this still had potential. So much effort goes into planning on this server, for projects large and small, that I think this would be an effective way to memorialise it. It provides an opportunity to bring together all the unique details, lore and realism which goes into this shit. Sections articles could include are a broad introduction, a description and features of the build itself, quotes and lore elements, overall inspiration and realism, construction notes (whether that be how long it took to build or who did it) and a gallery of screenshots and videos.

This may be a sizeable undertaking given the hundreds of places already built, but I think each builder would be interested in a way to publicise their endeavours, even if that was a hamlet in the middle of nowhere.

Anyway, tl;dr: is there interest in this and is it possible


I don’t see why not. Is this you volunteering to run it? :stuck_out_tongue:


As someone not as invested in building right now, due to my computer being broken, but still invested in the server as a whole (running the Instagram, plotting against Beathaven in glorious revolution, etc) I am willing to volunteer my time to making it. In fact, researching how to make it tonight. Could be up tomorrow if I’m even remotely successful.



Well that was easy enough. I’m happy to work on this with Heart. I recon the best way to go about it is to slowly go back through the project archive as a starting point for content, beginning with major locations and anything which has a warp, before the homesteads, ruins and landscapes that are scattered around. If any builders have specific things such as inspiration, easter eggs, cool touches, general realism etc. that they want to point out for their build, I guess dropping it here or pming me would work.


If it’s ok with you, I will personally take care of the Lothlorien projects once the forest is done


That would be ideal, I think its far better that the original builders of the project complete their articles because ultimately who has better knowledge of whats what? I sort of see what I could contribute as writing up old builds no one is interested in doing, maintaining written quality and keeping the structure of posts homogeneous.

Generally getting stuff down (names of projects, basic description and who did them) is also a really good idea at this stage, as Lind has done.


There will be a few locations where the project lead wont be available to write the article
So just a good quality article is alright with me