""ArdaCraft Launcher" is damaged and can't be opened" ???

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Java 8 is required to run our modpack. Not having it will cause you to crash on launch.
Mac OS, Windows, and Linux users can download the Java 8 installer for their system from here.

what operating system are you using?: _mac os (Monterey)
how did you install the modpack?: ArdaCraft Launcher
have you installed Java 8?: not sure (I think so?)
when does the problem happen?: _during launch
logs/crash-report: post a pastebin or gist url here
I’ve installed the ArdaCraft Launcher from ArdaCraft - Modpack. When I try to open it I get the following message:

““ArdaCraft Launcher” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.”

I’m on a new MacBook Pro with an Apple M1 Pro chip. I think I have Java 8? When I check my Java version in terminal it looks like this:

Would really love to be able to explore Middle Earth, would really appreciate your help!

Hello, while I’m not an admin nor involved in the technical side of this server. I can say, that moving forward we won’t be supporting our custom launcher in future versions due to a change in Optifine’s policies. Fresh, our tech admin may be able to assist you with this current issue but I recommend you begin migrating to the CurseForge App: https://download.curseforge.com/ as the Conquest Reforged mod will be supported on it.

Thanks @Hearthseeker, I’ll look into this.