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I will probably get back active on this project as i got one more night in the US before i return. (monday) So i will help chev out ofc and if i would take a guess get everything done halfway trough next week. :ghost:


Checked over the project - I only found an un-detailed allotment, which I left a column of not accepted blocks in. Otherwise, Poppel has left a load of signs on green screen which he plans to fix himself.

Once all these changes have been made, I’ll be happy to call this village complete!


All notes have been taken care off.

Aldor is ready for a final inspection. once final possible adjusments have been made
chev will do the final write up to close of the project as he did whit other projects before.


Happy to declare this done!

I’ll leave the thread open for @Chevy_the_cat to do his final write-up.


Aldorstowe (Aldor’s meeting-place - Aldor was a king of Rohan who conquered land to the west of the Isen, and would probably have had a base of operations in the Westfold)

Population: 131 (21 households)

Notable Professions: Miller (low-water watermill), Brewery, Baker, Cobbler, Butcher, Innkeeper, Tailor, Blacksmith, Lime Pit

Aldorstowe is located Northwest of Helm’s Deep, and between the villages of Grimslade and Helmham. It has a gated, center core, which is then surrounded by a hedge wall. It is widely known in Westfold for its unique mead brewery, which is large enough to supply surrounding communities, and its marketplace located near the longhouse. Aldorstowe utilizes pollard trees for wood supply as opposed to coppices that are found in most Rohan villages. A lime pit is located south of the village, which allows for homes to have whitewashed walls.

Other points of interest:

  • An old man, who lives next to the inn, can often be found sitting next to the fire pit in front of his house. He likes to make idle chat with people who are passing by and often welcomes them to sit with him. He is often called upon for his colorful stories about Westfold history.
  • A family is moving in to a previously occupied home. They used to live in Grimslade but are hesitant to talk about their reason for the move.
  • Next to the northwest entrance a house under construction can be found. The family consists of a widower and his 5 daughters, all of whom are said to be experts with the bow.

Shoutouts to all builders who put in time on this project, Harry and @Guigui for the brewery complex, @Ahorn for the pollard idea and inspections, @wheellee for the longhouse and ocd about details, @guan for a bit of layout help, and of course @Beathaven and @Fornad. If we forgot any major contributors please let me know. Thanks Everyone!