AC museum thread

I’ve resorted to the ingame-block equivalent of shitposting, anyway here’s the info

The museum can be found at /warp spawn, it’s through the red door to the right. The idea is to go for a modern approach to it, meaning there will be exhibits with a dimly lit atmosphere inside. The main ‘route’ of the museum is a History Tour that features a trail with separate rooms each allocated to major locations the server has more or less completed. Along with that there’s also the project vault and some individual misc halls here and there. And of course the pride and joy, The Imperial AC War Museum will be featured toward the end of the History Tour, proudly featuring The Great Meme War of 2017, The Great Exodus, The Ardanian Infidel-Jihad and a few other ‘skirmishes’ along the way :smiley:

Inspiration folder (feel free to leave pics down below, but only /comfy/ museum pics please, no modern art fagposting):

History Tour - locations planned so far

  • Shire
  • Bree
  • Lindon/mithlond
  • Arnor + Rail-tour experience
  • More coming but need ideas

Please leave your suggestions on what things we should include, style/designs, exhibits, planning/layout or anything museum-related ideas are very welcome. Imperial war museum ideas and concepts needed. Also in need of making the museum feel more alive and friendly in terms of misc stuff, like cafe’s/chill areas etc. If it’s not /comfy/ then we’ll kindly ask you to leave the premise. Thankyou. If you’d like to help build please contact me :slight_smile:

MCME friends are very welcome


I think the very first room will have to be about “The Great Schism” in which Prophet Fornad founded the religion of ArdaCraft and enlightened builders. MCME shills and their heathen ways are left in the gutter and are being flushed towards the sewer ever since.


That should be at the start of the IWM yeah.

As for the rooms after Arnor:

  • Blue Mountains
  • Rivendell
  • Beornings
  • Lothlórien
  • Rohan

I suggest to add a graveyard or a crypt that hosts the tombs of all of those valiant builders who are no longer with us. :latin_cross:


Quick update on what’s been done in the last few days:

The main history tour route is as follows (at this stage):

  • Shire
  • Bree
  • Lindon
  • Arnor
  • Interim room
  • Lossoth
  • Rivendell
  • Dwarven things

We decided to move the railway tour from the Arnor room to the Dwarven room, mainly due to space but also because it simply makes more sense anyway.

Will also add more ‘side-rooms’ to some of the main themed rooms for extra space. The plan is to make rooms more interesting than simply a to b to c. More doors will be popping up shortly.

Other than that it’s pretty much just working on all the exhibits. The Lossoth room is one I’d definitely recommend checking out. Anyone is free to help out, it’s a community project, however do make sure you contact me first so I know who is doing what.

Get building frens


Visited the museum today. Loved it, really. Two suggestions:
1# The inn should not be exhibit-styled but modern.
2# It would feel more natural to have such a meta-place at Tom Bombadil’s instead of Bilbo’s.