A mod suggestion for ArdaCraft server


Maybe this mod will be useful for some more architecture details.

Have you actually used Conquest Reforged?


He clearly has not lol, we have much better blocks to offer than the stuff i see in the links.

of course I did, if I am familiar with your project…
I only suggested it as something that would complement the CR :expressionless:

and I don’t get why is there so munch offense for me just suggesting something for ArdaCraft

Suggestions are always welcome. Not trying to be offensive or anything. But we really do not need any more additional mods, CR itself can cover every aspect that we need or wish for, and probably does a much better job at it.

Other mods are frequently abandoned by their creators. The more we add, the more risk there is of that happening. Furthermore the mod you’ve suggested doesn’t really add anything we want.