3D models discussion

Alright so this thread here is for discussing what we should and shouldn’t have as 3d models.
For example in my opinion having toilet paper as a 3d models is just going overboard and unnecessary. A wool block with a button and item frame fits that role just fine.
3D models should be focused on stuff that we otherwise just can’t do, like smaller statues in more details (like dwarven axe models or a helmet).

I mainly created this thread because there has been a bit of drama between some people and their opinions on these models. Let’s move this to here instead and openly discuss our opinions.



Here is a link to the spreadsheet of models being done, fornad and phe respond to requests for models, if they see fit to not have anything it will be denied.

There are some models in there that simply aren’t needed, like the chandelier. I think more people of the server should discuss this together rather than having one or two people decide it for everyone.

As Fornad says, this isn’t a democracy.

The community should still have alot of influence however, which is why i created this.


I do think the chandelier for example could be really nice, the current ones tend to look a bit flat.

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In my opinion, we should implement 3D models based on performance. Once Phe has completed the current requests and we revamp a Shire village with them, we will take a look at the difference in players’ performance. An average drop of 5 fps or more will be deemed unacceptable and we will scale back the models used as-needed.

Sorry this wasn’t made clear before.


Sounds like a good plan, the performance is indeed the main question with these models.

Something @dags and I were thinking, was to have the base resourcepack have the basic/needed models, and have a ‘model pack’ that can have more of the models that may have stuff that we don’t necessarily need, more elaborate models, or that may be too much of a performance hit to players.


Having unnecessary models part of the resource pack increases load time as well. I like this idea better as it means it adheres to different people’s tastes, instead of just catering to the people that want to model things like chandeliers and flowers on top of the models that are needed.


Well, me and Atlan were having a chat about these models, and so I’ve begun to work on some models, if that helps.

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I have printed off the sheet of what to model, and will begin with some concepts, etc. But there is a mod that I have used often, called Decocraft. That adds in pretty much what is on the sheet. Statues mod is another one, pretty much you sculpt a statue of a person and then change it’s pose. You can also paint it with the actual colours of the player’s skin, rather than having it look like the texture of the block that it has been chiseled on.

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