1.8.9 Update #2

Update #2

The Second significant update to the server. In this update a plot world was added, Voxelsniper was added, the Schematic brush was added, and Better Foliage now works.

You may need to delete your modpack profile and redownload it.


  • Sponge API 4.2.0 -
  • We’ve updated all plugins to the Sponge API 4.2.0, the latest API for 1.8.9 Minecraft.
  • Plot world -
  • @dags has made a custom plot plugin for us.
  • /warp plots to get to the world.
  • All commands can be found doing /help plot
  • You can whitelist players to your plots so they can help you build.
  • Voxelsniper -
  • Voxelsniper is now back!
  • Commands can be found on the guides page.
  • There are a few commands/brushes that do not work. They include:
    • Stencil brush
    • Shift picking blocks
  • Schematic Brush -
  • The Schematic brush is now back!
  • Commands and more info about the brush can be seen here.


  • Blockpack update
  • Fixed issues with Better Foliage.
  • Fixed issues with hobbit windows.
  • Better Foliage
  • Better Foliage is now back!
  • Works with mod leaves, and no longer has missing blocks.
  • Resourcepack
  • Resourcepack 4.2
  • Changelog can be found here.

If you find any bugs or issues, please post them here.


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