1.18 Treebuild

Project Title: 1.18 Treebuild

Player name(s): Argent, HFranz

Player rank: Overseer, Landscaper

Private or Public: Private (Message Argent if you are interested in helping)


Its happening!!!

1.15 is here and that means new trees! The new branch and leaf blocks have completely changed the game, allowing for a level of realism in nature that will continue to bring Middle-earth to life. In tandem with the coming complete map, I can confidently say ArdaCraft will have the most expansive, realistic and beautiful terrain of any MC world yet made.

That being said, they are much, much harder to make, meaning this treebuild will look different to previous ones. Three things in particular will look quite different to before.

  1. This is a private project. While I encourage everyone to work with the new blocks and experiment, we have to be much more selective of the trees that make it into the grid, and keeping a smaller team will help to ensure the quality is consistent with the goal of making the absolute best nature builds. Again, message Argent or Lindalher if you are interested in helping, with approximately 1700 trees spread across 50 species, there will certainly be opportunities for everyone to help.

  2. Because we are so confident with the quality of builds that will be produced out of this project, the goal of this treebuild has expanded to provide beautiful, realistic trees for the entire Conquest community via a Patreon page, with groups of species being released in stages as they are completed. This will no doubt bring more eyes onto the server as well.

  3. Because the project has expanded in this way, a few members of the Conquest community not specifically involved with ArdaCraft will be coming on board, building alongside us on the 1.15 server.

Research / Planning

This is the main database that will be used to organize the trees that need to be built and catalogue the work done. Brief descriptions of the characteristics of each tree type are here, though as each species begins additional research will need to be done.

Also provided will be the eventual commands needed to place these trees come our updated map.

Warps (On the 1.15 server)

  • Species in progress: -1600 2800
  • Tree grid: -1400 2600

A Hint of Things to Come…