Various Jobs Left


For anyone interested in lessening my pain, here is a list of jobs you can do to help get the Beorning Settlements Project completed.

  • Brewery and Surrounding Pastures east of /warp Holtwic

  • Ranch west of /warp Burneburg.

  • Small Inn and Tavern west of /warp Holtwic.

  • Small “Homestead” west of /warp Tunstede. (Talk to me about this one)

  • Various Wilderness Projects and bettering the landscape. (Also talk to me)

  • Windmill mechanics in the windmill West of /warp Burneburg

  • Farms/barns/mills/threshing floors in various areas of farmland, also pastures. (Talk to me about specific places, but mostly need some East of Old Ford.

  • Detailing farm walls

  • Finally, any other clean up job or filling in mistakes. You can either talk to me or if you see them just fix them yourself.

Anyways, if anyone is interested in completing some of these jobs, either reply below or talk to me in some other means. Let’s get this project finished!


I would like to volunteer for the brewery if im allowed to mix this up whit the work on on aldorstowe


Go right ahead! East of /warp Holtwic. Just a little south of the sawmill, should be labeled. :slight_smile:


I would like to apply for the farmlands, barns, threshing and pastures. Did the ones at village to with bens help so should be able to get thwm done quickly


Go for it. If you’re not sure where to place stuff just contact me.


Up for doing the tavern and/or wilderness stuff.


Start with the tavern. I’m not sure what Micah wants for the wilderness.


Yeah go ahead and do the tavern and inn if you’d like, really only interiors and a stable left. If you want to get in contact with me or Whe we could tell you what you need for wilderness stuff.


For more specifics as far as wilderness stuff goes, there needs to be:

  • Bogs should all the edited to look like that red bog between the old ford and the mts
  • Sandstone outcrops on the hills
  • Adding some random wilderness shit through the forests like animal dens etc. that forn listed on the wilderness details thread

This can all be done very quickly and easily and would give the project a final push towards the finish. Would take no longer than 30 minutes for these easy tasks and there are still a few tiny tiny projects left if anyone would like to volunteer.