Toodaloo friendo’s


This may seem completely out of the blue and sudden but I’ll get right to the point and announce that I’ll be leaving for the foreseeable future. This is due to several reasons mainly being that my life has made a complete 180 turn in terms of where I’m staying and what I’m doing. I’m going to be extremely busy with a multitude of stuff, not to mention my life is at a crossroads currently and I don’t want to distract myself with responsibilities here. I’m also going to be totally honest and say that spending the amount of time I did on AC (or any other online shit) has left a negative effect on my life and it’s not something I can afford to risk at this point in time.

Regarding my project(s), someone can take over village 4, the layout is completely done and building it should be a breeze. The rest of Burneburg I’ll leave to Micah to do most of which was part of our plan anyway.

Bit of a dumb cliche leaving post but I’ll top it off by saying I had a spicy time with you bunch of fantastic autists, keep up the great memes and good luck with the servers future endeavors.


Ey cya


Hopefully our roads will cross again, my sheep-shagging brother.

جزاك الله خيرا


Fly free, salty bird :eagle:


Good luck in life man :ok_hand:


Don’t forget to come back every few months to stir up drama with MCME.


Thanks for all your help! You’ve contributed a great deal to the map and community.

And don’t forget:

“You can check out any time,
But you can never leave”


Negative impact: your friendship with MCME :wink:


Cya, make some nice carbon fibre boats


“I’ll leave Burneburg to Micah” fuck off cunt, get back to work. Kidding. Good luck and hope to see you back online when you go back to fucking sheep in New Zealand.


So long, Eaglz! It’s been a pleasure working with you. Good luck with all your endeavors.