Thorin's Halls

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new area open for building, Woodworker’s row. have a look


I like how you’re putting successively less effort into each of these posts


kill me now


Please Note : DO NOT use paintings 2x2_12 and 2x2_13 from the custom paintings repo for the dwarves in ordinary house as they are sigils for noble noble families


New corridor (Sculptor’s Row) opened now ( interiors only). Acessable at /warp Thorin’s Halls


Don’t know if this has ever been discussed in the past, so I’ll ask it anyways: where would all of the stone dug out of the mountain go? Shouldn’t there be some traces of it somewhere in the valley? I mean, it’s a lot of stone, I find it hard to think that it would have been entirely used for building, since the areas nearby are not that populated.


It has been fun, but I’m stepping down as Thorin’s Halls lead. Aptipild will continue to stay on though. I want to do a few other smaller projects, who knows i might end up leading it some time in the future again. I’m sure Apti welcomes a new co-lead, so be sure to shoot him a message if you’re interested



Congrats for coming this far @Ytsen - and thanks for all your hard work.

Glad to say that @Poppelman112 has agreed to take your place. There should be a build day some time next month (September).

Onwards and upwards!


The leaders of Thorin’s Hall give you a (hopefully) good overview of what TH is at the moment.





Awesome to see this much progress done already since I left :grinning:keep it up guys


Ladies and Gentleman,

There are some thing changing for TH and i will be writing them down in this post.

First of all. Now that i have had the pleasure to lead Thorin’s halls for about two weeks now, my good friend and father of Thorin’s Halls @Aptipild will be leaving the project. We are sad to see him leave this project as the amount of effort and talent he put into this project cant be described whit words. Apt i will speak for the community for a second and thank you beyond messure for all the time you put into TH, I hope you will keep hanging around a bit, and after all come back to see how your baby turned out. TH is gonna miss you man.

regarding apts resingment from TH i will now be Sole-lead for a while at least till we can find suitable Co-lead. this will take the time the overseers and general leaders of TH think it needs to have.

During the end of @Ytsen and @Aptipild reign over TH we cant deny the fact progress wasnt as good as we hoped for torwards the end. When i joined this project (no offense to apt and yts) all the paperwork was a mess. We now have new Spreadsheets wich hopefully can clear things up on how the situation of TH stands. Whit the new spreadsheet you can have good overview of how much of TH still needs to be done. we hope this can motivate you guys to work some more on TH. Down here you can find the spreadsheets. (also been updated on the original post.)

Profession sheet.

Halls overview

we hope we can keep these updated over time. I know I know TH doesnt have any opensections at the moment but that leads me to the third and final point of this post.

29Th september 2018
On the 29th Thorin’s Halls will have a buildday. So everyone please reschedule your appointments and forget your social life. We want progress and not in that shitty horse orgy they call the westfold but in the great dwarven mine calles Thorin’s Halls

Plan: On the buildday the plan is to build stuff. The cook’s hall and a corridor attached to it will open up as will a nearby hall be open. Form the 29Th on I’m hoping to keep TH open till all houses are finished.

I think that was about it. Thank you for reading :slight_smile:


A new lead has been found in @Guan. Glad to have him working along side me.


(Ladies and) gentleman

Tomorrow (29 sep) Thorin’s Halls wil host a buildday.
after 6 months since the last section was opened we are happy to say that we will be reopen to the public.
(ofc everything house that isnt finished on BD will stay open for builders to work on)

The plan is to focus on the Cook’s hall and the corridor that is attached to it (worker’s alley). a nearby unnamed hall will also be opened but isnt our main focus. The Cook’s Hall will house: the Cook’s guild, a headchef’s family and kitchen workers. the corridor attached will house general workers. and will have an example house to show what we want there.

We hope to finish everything whitin the red box on the Buildday. if things go faster than we expected everything whitin the blue will also become part of the Buildday.

The buildday will start on 13.00 UTC
and will end as soon as the meeting following the buildday starts

The leaders of TH hope to see you around. if you dont have a valid excuse you will publicly be hanged in the central hall of TH. XoXo Pops



/warp thbuild
a hall with mostly normal living houses and some small proff that shouldnt change the houses that much compared to the normal living houses.

Have fun building


Ladies and gentleman your attention please,

On the first of December Guan and I will host a builday in TH. The buildday will see the street Guan,Soap and Ytsen have been working on open up to public. The street features mid class houses the libary of Th and another Tavern/Inn.

We look forwards to the buildday and opening up street we hope to see as many of you there as possible build some dwarven houses.

Joe joe,


Some further details on the upcoming buildday.

The buildday will start at 2utc and end at the beginning of the monthly meeting.

@Soap887 will be co-lead on the first few hours of the buildday as guan will be at work the first 2.5 hours of the buildday and soap knows the street well

Featured professions are :
Pastry baker
General store

If you are not familiar with the dwarven style please leave stuff like the barber to the more practised dwarven builders.

Some houses in the street are already done and approved please use those as example houses

See you all on saturday


After a successful buildday in the 1st Street Guan and I are opening up a new section called the Stonemans Corridor.

The facades to the houses are pre-planned but dont have any meterials/blocks selected to them. as the corridor is close to the Masons guild and the central hall of TH you can use some more higher end meterials (Dont go overboard tho.) We hope you guys will come on and take a look at the new street and see if you can do a house. sadly we cant force you to do that. Two old veteran lodges that no one ever got to are also part of this new opened section they are in the Hospital Hall

The street features :
Artist (example of this profession can be found in the Apothecary Hall)
Cartwright (Off limits atm)
Stonemasons Guild
Veteran lodges

Note: There are two midd-class houses between a yellow and black line dont touch those


I made a map of all the mining tunnels under Thorin’s Halls.

One of these days I’m going to burst into a voice channel, scream “I am the underminer” and then shoot myself with the mic still on.

Anyway, I’m doing the mining tunnels in TH. My first problem is instant: Where in the fuckfaced billows am I and how am I supposed to navigate this labyrinth? So I solved that conundrum.

With this, I now have an idea of the layout of these mining tunnels. As you can see, they are expansive (nearly half a square kilometre), but simple. They’re based around only one central tunnel. I’m going to fix that.

I was told to remap these tunnels to be centralised around the intersections of granite and schist. My first real task here was to figure out where the fuck those are. This map did not help with that, but I at least have something of an idea.

Right, so first thing is: I’m going to nuke everything to the left of the granite section on this map and redo it. From there, restructure everything.

Here’s my remap. (Hub Point 1’s position has changed to the entrance of Miner’s Alley).

I’ve completely fucken guessed where the granite even is here, but this map is even less exact than the last one, so it’s fine. This is just the general gist of the shape of it.

I tried to map it to express how the Dwarves mined: older, less structured tunnels on the right from when they started mining, then the more extensive and organised mining operation in the middle from when they started getting into it, with some newer tunnels being started more recently on the left.

I’m gonna do all of this myself and there’s nothing you can do to save me from my fate, fuckers.



Alright guys, the cliffside houses are now open for building! These are all mid-high and high class buildings, so the standards will be a bit higher compared to the regular middle class from before. This is to prepare the builders for the main hall that will likely come after this section.

To get there just type /warp thcliff, and any doorway marked with green screen is a house, the name signs and stuff are all outside of the mountain. The only real exterior work you have to do is the part where the house connects with the halls, which is not much for most of them.
Pop and i have opened up plenty of room to work in for each of the houses, tho feel free to either make the house bigger or smaller depending on how much space you really need.
Don’t forget to detail the balconies aswell, and have fun!