Thorin's Halls

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We will be editing all houses whilst you lot will do the next hall so dw about it


Project Update: opened up a hall in the eastern bit of TH with most houses finished (I think there’s one left). A brewery has been completed as well and we will do an example and open up another hall soon. During that time we will improve the current houses as yts and I are a little annoyed at the quality.


It’s been less than a month since Thorin’s Halls was first opened to the public, and the first hall is very close to being done. It features 11 houses, a bathouse and a brewery, and many market stalls, as well as a public washing area. Please check out the brewery made by @Snowy30 and @Chevy_the_cat, which is nothing short of amazing. Many thanks to the builders who have helped out with it! Apti and I will finish two of the houses and the bathhouse while all of you can work on the new section: Peasant Row.

Peasant Row is a poor area of around 15 smaller and less opulent houses than the Metalworker’s Hall. Want to make a rat catcher’s house or a gong farmer’s house and cesspit? Or a lodging for multiple miners? /warp Thorin’s Halls and get started.


Finally somewhere @kingorrik can relate to… I bet he can’t wait to start building in it!


Finally he can build a literal shithole


Also shout out to @Led for his ceiling detail work in the main brewery hall.


Last hall was a success, moving on to the next! /warp Thorin’s Halls and get going. 15 houses were completed, and 68 dwarves have been housed! Big thank you to everyone who has helped out, and a commendation for @Matt (Mattias) , who’s made a very nice public washing area.


In addition to the apothecary hall, Aptipild and I want to open up a few sub-projects within Thorin’s Halls. If you want to make the city’s barracks (to the left as you enter the mountain), finish the throne room, or make a headstart on the mines, do not hesitate to contact either Aptipild or me. There’s also the possibility of leading one of the unstarted halls yet, if you have your eye on one, or build one of the many guilds present in Thorin’s Halls.


Aptipild and Ytsen bring you yet another finished hall, and are opening up the next! /warp Thorin’s Halls to get started on the Weaver’s Hall. Once again a diagonal hall, but this time featuring 3 storey houses!

Please send help

(Pictured: TH leads)


new area open for building, Woodworker’s row. have a look


I like how you’re putting successively less effort into each of these posts


kill me now


Please Note : DO NOT use paintings 2x2_12 and 2x2_13 from the custom paintings repo for the dwarves in ordinary house as they are sigils for noble noble families


New corridor (Sculptor’s Row) opened now ( interiors only). Acessable at /warp Thorin’s Halls


Don’t know if this has ever been discussed in the past, so I’ll ask it anyways: where would all of the stone dug out of the mountain go? Shouldn’t there be some traces of it somewhere in the valley? I mean, it’s a lot of stone, I find it hard to think that it would have been entirely used for building, since the areas nearby are not that populated.


It has been fun, but I’m stepping down as Thorin’s Halls lead. Aptipild will continue to stay on though. I want to do a few other smaller projects, who knows i might end up leading it some time in the future again. I’m sure Apti welcomes a new co-lead, so be sure to shoot him a message if you’re interested



Congrats for coming this far @Ytsen - and thanks for all your hard work.

Glad to say that @Poppelman112 has agreed to take your place. There should be a build day some time next month (September).

Onwards and upwards!


The leaders of Thorin’s Hall give you a (hopefully) good overview of what TH is at the moment.


Awesome to see this much progress done already since I left :grinning:keep it up guys


Ladies and Gentleman,

There are some thing changing for TH and i will be writing them down in this post.

First of all. Now that i have had the pleasure to lead Thorin’s halls for about two weeks now, my good friend and father of Thorin’s Halls @Aptipild will be leaving the project. We are sad to see him leave this project as the amount of effort and talent he put into this project cant be described whit words. Apt i will speak for the community for a second and thank you beyond messure for all the time you put into TH, I hope you will keep hanging around a bit, and after all come back to see how your baby turned out. TH is gonna miss you man.

regarding apts resingment from TH i will now be Sole-lead for a while at least till we can find suitable Co-lead. this will take the time the overseers and general leaders of TH think it needs to have.

During the end of @Ytsen and @Aptipild reign over TH we cant deny the fact progress wasnt as good as we hoped for torwards the end. When i joined this project (no offense to apt and yts) all the paperwork was a mess. We now have new Spreadsheets wich hopefully can clear things up on how the situation of TH stands. Whit the new spreadsheet you can have good overview of how much of TH still needs to be done. we hope this can motivate you guys to work some more on TH. Down here you can find the spreadsheets. (also been updated on the original post.)

Profession sheet.

Halls overview

we hope we can keep these updated over time. I know I know TH doesnt have any opensections at the moment but that leads me to the third and final point of this post.

29Th september 2018
On the 29th Thorin’s Halls will have a buildday. So everyone please reschedule your appointments and forget your social life. We want progress and not in that shitty horse orgy they call the westfold but in the great dwarven mine calles Thorin’s Halls

Plan: On the buildday the plan is to build stuff. The cook’s hall and a corridor attached to it will open up as will a nearby hall be open. Form the 29Th on I’m hoping to keep TH open till all houses are finished.

I think that was about it. Thank you for reading :slight_smile: