The Misty Mountains

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Accepted. Godspeed.

As this is a public project, what will you be setting up at the jobs warp?


Moment of silence for Ori’s last remnants of sanity and will to live.
RIP sweet prince


Streams until I can make a glacier concept and guide.


So You are not planning to make any mountain passes besides the ones specifically mentioned in the lore. Even in the South part od the mountains?

Also, regarding the concepts, have You considered adding some slope blanking/clipping (if that’s the correct word for it) in some places? Where some boulder hit it, or simply because of natural erosion. I’m not sure how well maintained the passes would be.


Yeah, Tolkien mentions the “many paths” that go over the misties so I’ll probably add at least 2 more in sections 4 and 5,I just haven’t scouted the area to see where they should go yet. To answer your second point, yes there will be plenty of places where the path has been destroyed by boulders/rock slides as well as some places where a gap in the path has been filled with stones to make it accessible again (see the passes concept pictures i put up).


Doesn’t Tolkien say somewhere that the Redhorn pass is the last one before the Gap of Rohan? I’m not sure anymore but it would make sense for the Fellowship’s considered paths. The additional passes should then be North of the High one.
If he doesn’t say so, I still think there should be no pass in section 4, as I think it would be far enough from Isengard to have been considered by the Fellowship, but there could be one in section 5.


Do you know where that quote is bombur? But yes not having one in section 4 does make sense because the fellowship would probably have considered it if it existed.

However, I think that, unless you can find that quote, there should be a pass at the border between sections 4 and 5. This is far enough away from redhorn pass for the fellowship to not consider it and far enough away from the gap of rohan to make it worthwhile.


There could be a pass in 4, the explanation for it would be that the pass would be too dangerous or destroyed on some parts.


Yes, I think that makes sense. For the quote, I’m not sure anymore, it’s more of a vague memory.

Eldiar: The Rubicorn pass was known to be very dangerous and they stll tried it. I’m more convinced by the destroyed thing, but I wonder how would you really destroy a pass. Maybe make it like it had to pass by some high bridge and it got destroyed? Or same thing with a cliff climbing stair?


Well I don’t have the book in front of me right now, but from what I remember of reading the book, the reason Gandalf chose, for example, Redhorn instead of the Gladden Pass and/or the High pass, wasn’t necessarily because the other two were destroyed or whatnot. Heck, the High pass was managed/upkept by the Beornings. As far as i remember they wanted to travel through as little of the vale of the Anduin as possible since it was being watched by Sauron (Dol Guldur retaken, orcs/wargs resurfacing after the Battle of the Five Armies (based on Gloin’s description of the Beornings paying ‘high tolls’ to keep the high pass open. It makes sense for there to be no other passes south of Redhorn yes, else the fellowship would have certainly taken them. But north of Redhorn I don’t see why not, can just have them infested with orcs or coming out into a very exposed part of the vale, not necessarily destroyed. Tolkien mentions in both the Hobbit and LOTR false paths south of Rivendell leading either into the mountains or off sheer cliffs so it’s not an unreasonable assumption.


But … Nobody said there shouldn’t be more passes North …


That’s what I was replying to, unless instead of the Cirith Forn en Andrath you meant the Caradhras Pass.


Oh OK! Yeah, you are right, I wasn’t considering adding passes between the three we know.



i was just wondering, are the glaciers in the misties suposed to be in a period of advance or retreate


Fornad used the height maps from the Swiss Alps when he created the misties in world painter so almost everything is directly reflective of what the Alps are like today. As a result, a lot of the glaciers will look like they are in retreat. This being said, there’s not really any reason to suggest that they would be in a state of either retreat or advance at the time the server’s set in middle earth. What we do know however, is that the misties did used to be a lot colder in the time of Melkor and that, since his defeat, the glaciers must have retreated substantially.
Hope that answers your question.



Hello guys here is your long awaited update. I know progress has been very very few lately.
I was on holiday (which is over now) and Ori’s pc is broken.

Although this all, progress will be made this month.

  • First there will be a glacier buildday in a month approximately. more news will be following!!!
  • Second, Ori’s guide is almost done
  • Third, this is a link to a spreadsheet which keeps track of the misties. I know a lot of it is still red after the six months I joined, but thats basically because Ori and I are working on S1 alone and that the style had to be developed. for mist and for glaciers. Section2 is the glacier pain. but everyone can make 2 glaciers a day. so if there are 8 people on we would be on 20% in 1 day. so this can be easily done really quick. thats also what the buildday will be about. the people without + can still help with stuff on the glaciers and streams.
  • section 1 is almost done. just some glaciers to be updated and snow. so good news.

Hope I informed you this way. And you know this project hasnt died yet. its just tough.
I also want to shoutout Vyen who hasnt an account here lol. hope you can do more screens when section 1 is finished.



Hey I mentioned this to Fornad at some point, but in Words, Phrases, and Passages in Lord of the Rings Tolkien has a little diagram for Celebdil and Caradhras, showing their shape. I figured it might be useful for you guys in the project:


Looking at the etymology, Methedras is made of the same word for the mountain formation as Caradhras, as they both utilize rass: horn. Make of that what you will, but it might be a good guide for the idea of how it should be shaped. Sorry to belabor a point, but I figured it might be worth sharing.


Just dropping these here for reference