Have you thought about making any buildings show signs of subsidence? Considering Tharbad is in such a waterlogged wetland area you’d expect lots of this, especially in the heavier, taller buildings like the forts and castles and the areas closer to the river / Swanfleet.



Could add a unique and interesting aspect to Tharbad that could look really impressive if done right.


I’ve noticed that the building process in Tharbad consists of 3 different moments where you have to wait for approval, which in my opinion is very cumbersome and demotivating.
I think builders and apprentices will be less likely to claim a plot if they know it will take at least a week to complete one, partly due to the fact that the project leads aren’t the most active builders.
In other ruined towns we’ve seen that we can finish them relatively quickly because it is not much work per plot.
Of course we need to make sure we keep the quality, but I don’t think 3 different ‘waiting approval’ moments is the way to achieve that. I think it’s better to say that Builders or Builder + only need 1 waiting approval moment as with other projects, and maybe for apprentices 2 or 3 of those moments. And maybe also giving apprentices who’ve proven themselves the permission to continue without waiting for approval.
We should prevent Tharbad from becoming another one of those projects that is going extremely slowly.


Potential middle men inspiration for Tharbad? Obviously needs a lot more ruining but imo having one of the forums with some foundations running across it made out of a different material could be pretty cool if done tastefully.




@Ytsen is stepping down from leading Tharbad, I will continue alone at least for the moment. If anyone is interested in helping lead the project, PM me.


@creepyboy666 joins me to lead Tharbad.


With sections 1 and 3 done, we can finally open section 4, the last missing area north of the river before we get to the outskirts of the city.

Section 4 will require extra care as it is one of the oldest and most important places of Tharbad. The palatial district, as I like to call it, was built at the end of the second Age soon after the founding of the realm of Arnor. Because of this, the ruins should look more Numenorean (Egyptian/Achean/Babylonian bronze-age) with later Greco-Roman embellishments. Keep in mind that because of their elevated positions, the ruins in the district are less exposed to water and should therefore look taller and more interesting even if it’s just a mansion.

I want to emphasize the need for you guys to ask Creepy and I before claiming the palace or the fort.

Here are some inspiration images to help you get what it would have looked like in its prime:


Early 3d concept of the palace, bridge and fort (I know, the bridge is the wrong way around, shut it).

Early concept of the palace’s architectural evolution.

Some mansions do not have a proper layout at the moment so it will be up to whoever builds them to come up with something.

Remember that all the ruins inside the palatial district are as old as Minas Tirith and should therefore be inspired by the 1.15 concepts of the 2nd Gondorian architectural epoch.



This project is going on hold until 1.16

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@FreezeFridger and @borisvdm will be taking over this project!