Temporary Administrative Changes


Hi all - as some of you know, I did not get a place in the January intake for the Officer Corps of the Royal Navy. Though I may get a place for May or September next year, my plans in the short term have changed. I am going to New Zealand from the 24th of December 2018 to the 28th of May 2019 in order to hike Te Araroa, the country’s long-distance trail.

Obviously, I won’t be able to run the server during this period (though I’m sure I’ll be dropping a few pictures here and there into the Discord). As such, @Beathaven has agreed to take over during this time. He has taken my place on a temporary basis before, and has done a really good job. He’s clearly dedicated to the server and wants to see it succeed, and so I can think of nobody better.

The server will be tackling some really important builds during this period - Caras Galadhon, Isengard and Edoras. As such, I’d like to see you all support Beat and the project as a whole during this time.

I have the greatest confidence that you will all continue to prove that ArdaCraft is the most impressive project in the game!

All the best.


I hope to see @Beathaven lead ardacraft into many glorious meme wars in the future


The age of the Brit is over. The time of the swampies has come.


Have fun over there, don’t become like Eaglz, a sheep shagger.


Good luck & have fun exploring Fornad, learn the haka for the meme wars to come.


Really hope you will get into the navy next time man. Enjoy your christmas in NZ and ofc enjoy the country wich is amazing. Watch out for sheeps.


Dont forget to visit the Shire!