Shire Revamp

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Player name(s): Kingorrik

Player rank: Overseer

Location name: Shire

Overhead plan: Going to move from west to east, within the red marker lines on the map. Will be fixing issues that have occurred due to numerous changes. I shall be working on this project alone, if I need help I shall ask for it, no one is to make changes without first clearing it with me.

Reference Imagery:


I had been told to wait for this moment to put this project on the table. What do you think?

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I would be willing to have something like that, but your build is no where near up to quality. I shall probably look at creating it when I get to the section with Long Cleeve in it.


Yeah, I should probably redo the entrance, I’m neither satisfied with it.
However, is it anything wrong with the hall? Just asking, whishing to improve.


It just looks awful, far too many fire places, far too cramped. I like the idea, I shall plan it or get somebody to build it when the time is right.

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If you want to rework your concept then take inspiration from the Town Hole in Michel Delving, Brandy Hall, the Great Smials, etc.


Can’t we have like actual round, proper Hobbit doors? With a custom model?


Possibly, in future. We’ll have to talk to the CR guys about that.

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Bring back my first nature build. You know in your heart of hearts which one it is. The chode tree upon the hill.


Just a thought - a couple of dairies where they make cheese/yoghurt would be cool.


Sounds good, I’ll add like 3/4 in?


I’d like permission to work on Greenfields. I want to rework a number of things and update everything with the new blocks. I may do this for Longcleeve and Hardbottle as well, but i’d just like to work on Greenfields for the moment.

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Sorry, but I’m going to say no to this, it’s pretty much just going to be me working on this project.

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This is now on hold while I am off with no internet for about a month.


Have fun playing TW:Warhammer!

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As the Treaty of Fornost stayed that the hobbits had to “keeping the bridges and roads in repair“ in the Shire, it might be nice to have a reference to this with some scaffolding/works on a bridge somewhere.


I recommend @Guan to the leader of this revamp as he was the least active during the original Shire. Also, it seems as if every leader of this has quit, so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


Nice bait


Bagend drawings by tolkien. Dropping for reference


After getting morbidly obese, hair on every toe, reflecting on my inbred heritage, and trading a love of coffee for a love of Yorkshire Gold and Digestives; I am officially ready to Revamp the Shire Revamp. If anyone has some good tobacco suggestions for my pipe, I will be open to ideas. I am building my computer this week and I shall begin a guide Soon™️ after I adventure through parts of middle-Earth that my eyes have yet to gaze upon. In the meantime, I would love to open this thread back up for discussion.
Edit: I shall make note that this is a volunteering of hobby and heart; if Fornad tries to molest my will to lead this lovingly, I will start with Rauros.