Shire Revamp

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Sounds good, I’ll add like 3/4 in?


I’d like permission to work on Greenfields. I want to rework a number of things and update everything with the new blocks. I may do this for Longcleeve and Hardbottle as well, but i’d just like to work on Greenfields for the moment.

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Sorry, but I’m going to say no to this, it’s pretty much just going to be me working on this project.

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This is now on hold while I am off with no internet for about a month.


Have fun playing TW:Warhammer!

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As the Treaty of Fornost stayed that the hobbits had to “keeping the bridges and roads in repair“ in the Shire, it might be nice to have a reference to this with some scaffolding/works on a bridge somewhere.


I recommend @Guan to the leader of this revamp as he was the least active during the original Shire. Also, it seems as if every leader of this has quit, so there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.


Nice bait


Bagend drawings by tolkien. Dropping for reference

After getting morbidly obese, hair on every toe, reflecting on my inbred heritage, and trading a love of coffee for a love of Yorkshire Gold and Digestives; I am officially ready to Revamp the Shire Revamp. If anyone has some good tobacco suggestions for my pipe, I will be open to ideas. I am building my computer this week and I shall begin a guide Soon™️ after I adventure through parts of middle-Earth that my eyes have yet to gaze upon. In the meantime, I would love to open this thread back up for discussion.
Edit: I shall make note that this is a volunteering of hobby and heart; if Fornad tries to molest my will to lead this lovingly, I will start with Rauros.


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Yeah, I want to wait til my schedule at work is back to normal in a few weeks before I try to start the Shire back up.

So in case anyone wasn’t presently aware–I was defying the orders of our god-king Fornad and committing secret atrocities within the Shire and on Freebuild. And so far have conducted the operation with as much subtlety as King hobbling along a boardwalk while trying to catch up with the rest of the Arda Gang. Anyway, I figured the sin of hidden cunning–the likes of which are fit for a leader in Isengard–wasn’t my forte. Fornad watches us all from his humble abode in Dynmap. So I prayed to Forndaddy in my sleep that he might spare me if I keep public documentation of my progress.

So here’s my cobbled together monstrosity of a progress document.

The idea so far is this: The revamp of the exteriors are mostly a private project with a small team of builders helping me out whenever they build up my trust and swear fealty to the cause of deposing shit admins. After the private project of exteriors is done, the progress on interior revamps that Kingorrik started will be carried out in much the same way he had planned. Any questions regarding the Shire update can be sent to my email:


Update time:

Alright, so exciting times are here. You all get the chance to rip apart my terrible building skills before it reaches a point of limited return.

In the interest of having an updated Shire when players take their first steps in Middle Earth and in having a prize to stroke my unlimited ego, Bag End is essentially ready to be moved to the live server. Hobbiton is laid out and after the interiors are done on the north side; I will be opening up some homes for interiors in Hobbiton. Note: Excluding Bag End, Interiors are WIP on both sides of the river. I am fine with feedback for what interiors there are, but they are subject to changes.

Benefits include:
1.Having a nice round hill that totally eclipses the original flat hill in every way. Real hills have curves.
2. Looking closer to Tolkien’s illustrations as presented(Granted, those illustrations are pre-LOTR for the most part, his later sketches don’t invalidate the one used to reference the new changes.)
3. Placing it on the live map will give us more terrain to work with, to smooth out the steepness of the hill. Right now it looks like a tumor or a cliff on the side facing Overhill and the lane to the east.
4. My mom said she’s proud of me.
5. We are about to have hosted tours involving Bdouble0 in the near future, and was necessary to work on recognizable lore locations such as Bag End first as to not ruin continuity between when he first starts and when this goes live. If this is what we all decide is the best representation of Bag End. It will be the version all those viewers will see.


  1. Bag End may no longer have enough room or the right seating to host monthly meetings.
  2. I’m essentially throwing away the hard work of people who no longer play on the server, but none the less contributed to an image we have in magazines, and cinematics viewed by thousands.
  3. Overhill will need some changes as well to reflect the change of style in Hobbiton. It will still be unique, but considering the terrain will need changes as well—this will allow us to knock out two birds with one stone.

Btw, the museum will need to be relocated or worked into the new hill shape. The old Bag End can also be relocated to FB.

Now is the last opportunity that everyone has to provide feedback to the new Bag End/Hobbiton before it goes live(And it will, feedback or not.) Speak now or wait 5 years when the mod has made it outdated and Im too busy with family and/or afk. I will most likely be moving it to live tomorrow or Friday.

/warp notshitbagend to review.


I had some issues before but they have been resolved. Haven’t been able to, and won’t be able to get on for a few days, but I suspect it’s fine


So Coronavirus has claimed another victim. I sneezed while testing voxel sniper and unfortunately trashed the original Brandy Hall(Its saved on FB, don’t worry.) The first level of Brandy Hall is open for building. If you wish to start, you will need to claim a section. Each section is marked with a different color wool. There are also special areas that will require completion of one section first.

Feel free to work in teams. They aren’t substantially larger than normal Hobbit Smials, but they will require a bit more artistry and care. While the materials for walls, etc might be a bit more upper class, the halls themselves(Unless otherwise marked, like in the special sections) will be middle class, please limit books, bookshelves, and writing materials to small studies in rooms marked as “Master Room” or “Study” and even then, keep it limited. A name block and wool block will be outside the front door, please place your name there. There are only 3 sections, so feel free to discuss co-operation with your fellow builders.


I just placed another door in Brandy Hall. Door revamp progress at 70%. I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped with doors including Sunwing. Layouts are fully in place for all three floors, so I will be planning a door building this weekend.

If anyone has any questions, let me know.


Good news, the doors are now 100% complete, no planning for this weekend necessary. Windows are another story, will be working out windows concepts on Freebuild with a few peeps who are familiar.


Wow, that’s great! Keep up the good work!


@Guan Brandy Hall has been planned and is open.