Rohan Inspiration and Concepts


Whats this from?



Is there any book reference to that switchback stair up to a plateau above the Hornburg?

edit: Also, this is the design we’re going to try to emulate for the keep:


It’s supposed to be from this game, which is strange considering the pictures I can find online by searching it aren’t similar at all:

Forn: I know, but it looks compatible to me. More inspiration sources can’t be bad, anyway.


Homestead built by Redranger on DR


Would like to see a few homesteads with this layout.



Citation for the rear gate and its stairs:

A broad stairway, climbed from the Deep up to the Rock and the rear-gate of the Hornburg.

The Two Towers, Chapter VII

EDIT: Oh, OK, you were talking about that thin Dunharrow-like thing. I didn’t even saw it. I understand better why you were talking about a plateau now.

I just found out the map is clearly inspired by Fondstadt’s, btw:




Grimslade/Lumer camp 1 inspiration

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Early 14th century village recreation model (from Darwin Reforged discord)
Not sure if its quite the right time period but there’s definitely some stuff in there that could be of use.






Would love to see this stone/thatch mix somewhere in Rohan. Possibly Upbourn and Underharrow?


Some rohan inspiration pictures. Not quite the style but still looks good.


I went today to these amazing cristal, stalactites, stalagmites caves in Domme, this is really cool for Aglarond. Dont know if this would fit in rohan or so maybe landscape inspiration thread. Sadly I wasnt allowed to make pictures inside because it would damage the cave. I Just copied these from the internet


From MyRustyGun on the CR discord - perfect example of a linear settlement.