Rohan Inspiration and Concepts


Grimslade/Lumer camp 1 inspiration

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Early 14th century village recreation model (from Darwin Reforged discord)
Not sure if its quite the right time period but there’s definitely some stuff in there that could be of use.






Would love to see this stone/thatch mix somewhere in Rohan. Possibly Upbourn and Underharrow?


Some rohan inspiration pictures. Not quite the style but still looks good.


I went today to these amazing cristal, stalactites, stalagmites caves in Domme, this is really cool for Aglarond. Dont know if this would fit in rohan or so maybe landscape inspiration thread. Sadly I wasnt allowed to make pictures inside because it would damage the cave. I Just copied these from the internet


From MyRustyGun on the CR discord - perfect example of a linear settlement.




I’d like to see some yurt/tent concepts for the nomadic herdsmen in the Eastemnet.


From lavakid on DR


i really like the second picture, in which they build their tent. Perhaps we can include this as a detail.


3702 Yurt_Inside


Found out a couple of useful picturesCOVER
I find this one quite useful, important to leave the top open and, if possible in minecraft, some space for cold air to get in.

This one shows some possible social classes variation, which could be useful. Interesting is that the higher class model has some kind of foundation that isolates from the ground.