Rhovanion Inspiration and Concepts


Tiny picture is tiny, but cant find a larger version.


From Talset on CR discord

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Wall designs




Rupea Fortress from Romania, curtosy Romanian Friend


If we ever have to build a wooden bridge


I’m going to break the European Castle spam and try and put some inspiration pics for the more pressing parts of Rhovanion, the Vale of the Anduin and its inhabitants.

Perhaps some turf houses next to the Old Ford itself? It’s farther away from the mountains where they would quarry the stone.

This is all just food for thought. I think Rhovanion should be more taken off of inspiration from Estonian/Viking-style houses/homes, while Rohan more of an Anglo Saxon type deal, or even our own weird mix. Of course, people could also make the houses ‘oversized’ since the Beornings after all are a big people, or at least most of them are (some would be shorter since they mingled with the woodsmen).

Will be interested to see some other inspiration ideas you guys have of how the Beornings should look. It’ll be coming this weekend/next week so we might as well begin to think about it!


Of course, people could also make the houses ‘oversized’ since the Beornings after all are a big people

Pls yes. Big houses for bear people. Or at least normal sized, just not hobbit sized.



Dale settlement near the iron hills?

Look for more images of the town: Foroglio - Ticino



This last one would require an overlay texture/painting or smthn but would be a nice detail.



would be nice to get the fences of the shed or something similar with transparency. also, are the trees in the background photoshop or those item frame, lag fest ones?


photoshop for sure



Castle being built somewhere in the east maybe?


Hm, this is Guédelon, a French castle, not really Rhovanian.


We all know what it is, it’s been spammed on our forums and discord before.
The point was more to have a castle being constructed somewhere in Rhovanion, probably Dale.

I was thinking about it because I saw this plot on SA