Mordor Inspiration and Concepts


I’ve got three points to add here.
First, what am I supposed to see in that those pictures? When adding picture some sort of explanation or caption is nice, especially if it’s some tunnel when the previous discussion was about large scale tectonic rifts and bodies of water.
Second, Mordor is still years ahead and the geological survey/interpretation will come by then. In my opinion there should be any active lava lake or puddles outside of mt doom itself, maybe add one or two smaller volcanoes along a line/ridge or rift(not sure what is the real option in this case as i don’t know what the equivalent of the mid-atlantic ridge would be on a land mass) to resemble a somewhat active crust in that area.
Third, please no spam of posts. If you got another point to add to your post, edit it as long as nobody has answered yet instead of adding up to four individual, sometimes only one-liner, posts to a topic.



Cirith Ungol




U wot


That’s a brownfield site (i.e. heavy human influence). Note the concrete and tarmac gravel everywhere. So really not what you’d find in the wilderness of Mordor.


What i like about this is how the lower parts are still white but the ramparts and the gate have been turned to black. We can do something similar where they reinforced/repaired the top parts of the walls with ‘orc tech’



“The Gates of Mordor” by Tom Jung


"[Against] Minas Tirith was set another fortress, greater and more strong. Thither, eastward,…: wall upon wall, battlement upon battlement, black, immeasurably strong, mountain of iron, gate of steel, tower of adamant, [Frodo] saw it: Barad-dûr, Fortress of Sauron. All hope left him…"


Monsterfish_ made a concept sketch based on that image




I believe Mordor strongholds should mostly be huge camps and sometime crude but useful castles built on mordor’s sharp mountains, I believe San Marino castle would be perfect for this, it looks awesome while keeping it simple and useful with mostly flat walls.





Just click the image and it’ll auto rotate, it’s Minas Morgul again.


Would love for Orcs to live in similar pulmice/rhyolitic rock cave dwellings along in Mordor, but I know that Mt. Doom being a giant cone volcano means it would probably be an Andesite structure. Thoughts?