Mearhdenu: ON HOLD


Settlement Name: Mearhdenu meaning Horse Valley or Valley of Horses.

Project Location /warp Mearhdenu

Project Leader: hoppingharry Co leader: GuiguiXs

Summary of Lore: Mearhdenu is widely famed for its trading, and marketing of prized work and War Horses. It’s even believed that the mares within this settlement birth the most widely sought after stallions north of Edoras. Both the skill of the breeders, and the renowned finesse of its horse trainers have proved invaluable to the surrounding regions.

The entire settlement is nearly surrounded by its famed pastures and prodigious facilities, only rivaled in beauty by its admirable main hall. Here the village folk often dine, and socialize with both the towns folk, and interested buyers. To further increase the towns availability to the surrounding settlements a large tavern rests just opposite of the market center, bringing in both the wealthy, and poor, in hopes of striking a good bargain.

Appearance: The village should have an appealing street view from the main road, as its a prized trading point within Westfold, and should be designed to attract possible buyers. That being said the farther from the main road the buildings reach, the more messy they should appear. This does not mean “Make it all grand” this simply means make any points of the structures facing the main road look slightly more clean, this could mean less moss, or perhaps simply less variation in materials. Buildings closer to the stream should obviously look slightly more messy, especially around and form of garden.

Fulgoldun an example of what this towns buildings should look like in appearance and style, since it is both an adjacent settlement and a prime example of the style, The only difference we will have his more mud brick around central towns buildings.

additionally I want to see layering either using slabs, stairs, or trapdoors around the base of the building. These shouldn’t look flat and perfectly cleaned out. Buildings should have depth and realism put into them, no matter what their hierarchy in the village may be other than the main hall.

Professions: Something I was to really emphasize within this village is the way people both create and sell their wears. I have one major gripe with a few of the settlements I’ve seen so far and that’s simply that not everyone should have a shop. Some houses may have a sign saying “Basket Weaver” on them, this doesn’t mean make them a shop or desk to sell these baskets. This means that likely the family inside weaves their baskets, and sells them at the market in the evenings. This applies to most professions.

Housing: I expect to see tight living spaces, with farmers having room to bring small live stock into their home in poor weather, (provided their home is large enough to accompany this). Food should be widely stockpiled, with things like sheep skin rugs, and furniture being in rarity, however each home should have some form of work space, and personnel storage space such as a trunk. Beds should be close together, near a heat source, this is to provide both warmth and light for the occupants. I do not want to see the heat source on the opposite side of the house to beds, the heat source should be in the center of the building. You may have an attic, but it must have ladders for access, and can only be for material storage, and or food. Floors should be wood, and buildings close to the stream should be slightly elevated from the ground.

Eithel govannen mellon ton- i dór -o arda a cin will rad- mel in cín curu


One thing that was stressed for Rohan building style in the development stage was to keep foundation bricks to a minimum height, or none at all, to differentiate them from the beorning style. Your example looks extremely bulky in that regards. Cool lore and village concept.


Also you may want to read bens Westfield post regarding professions and his overall concepts. He has a guide at warp rohanguide


I agree, Ill talk to fornad, or ill keep a close eye on each building. Further council would be appreciated as you have more experience in rohan than I.


I have complete faith in you. You’re very creative so I’m sure it will turn out great.


I’ve updated the layout, big thanks to ahorn for helping with laying out the horse ranch and trade market.


Accepted, please keep asking other builders for advice.


This project is on hold until the outstanding issues with the plan are fixed.

These issues are:

  • Too many diagonal houses
  • Streets are terrible
  • The allotments are random squares that don’t follow the contours of the land at all
  • Some of the houses are far too small, e.g. this for five people:
  • Some of the diagonal roofs are done badly


Some more inspiration here, the terrain is very similair to your village: