'Landscape Detail' Inspiration and Concepts




Have any of these landscapes been implemented, yet?


A few. My plan is eventually to have someone who’s good at terrain fly around the map and add in various features from this thread.



I walked in on Guan getting verbally raped over the conversation of making streams and waterways look better. I understand it is not feasible to do them all, but i think some cool features here and there would be a good idea.


Some nice landscapes I gathered from 9Gag over the past few weeks


Last pic is of old pollards that has been left and regrown with short trunks and long limbs. Nice feature, could be used in abandoned areas. They would cut the branches high enough so the animals didnt eat them. Used the branches for fodder, building material and firewood.



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ik ive posted this before, but saw it again on imgur and we should really add this somewhere as a detail



[citation needed]


Some mountains for mordor inspiration maybe

Some mirkwood inspiration




Zion national park


Thüringer Wald (Forest)