Player name(s): Soap, Guan

Player rank: Builder+

Private or Public: Public

Location name: Grimslade

Grimslade was the ancestral home of Grimbold, a lesser Marshal of the Mark. Nothing is known of the location of this structure other that it stood in the Westfold of Rohan. The word “slade” seems to imply that the house was either in a clearing or on a hillside.

Overhead plan:
Blue= Middle class
Yellow = Low-middle class
Grey = Low class
Red = Pallisade or watchtower
Light grey = Utility buildings (stables, barns etc…)
Brown = Garden walls (either stone or wooden fences doesn’t matter)

In-game guide:
No real guide yet, but will i’ll be sure to make one similar to my dwarfguide, tho maybe more simplified.
Here are some concept pics:

The only change i want to make is turning one of the fields into a pasture for horses.

Reference Imagery:

Anything i missed?


Some extra stuff…
I want to have a leather tanner a bit outside of the pallisade along the road that leads to the logging area nearby.
I also want a charcoal burner in the forest along the stream somewhere nearby.


And finally, it would be nice if the nearby westfold village 2 had a brewery.


Looks good to me. Are you going to do it in sections? and are you going to make a guide?


@Kemce says it’s good with him, and I agree.

@Guan as long as you answer Ori’s questions, consider this in progress!


I already stated in the OP that there will be a guide.
As for sections, i might split the village i half i suppose, but it’s really not that large.


ah yeah. sorry, I missed that bit of text. Good luck