Gondor Inspiration and Concepts


Some (Byzantine I believe) churches on Mount Athos, Greece


Town of Morella, Spain


The archetypical Ancient Greek colony




Bonifacio, Corsica
I think this city can be a very good source of insporation for Dol Amroth, since it has a fortress on the top of a cliff and a port city on the gulf next to it.




Found this very cool 3D recreation of Minas Tirith (not sure how much lore accurate it is), but reading the article where is found the guy seems to be quite aknowledged.




Since this server’s goal is to make realistic places, I will provide mostly real medieval building plans, pictures or reconstructions, so to begin with Gondor, I believe architecture like Mont Saint Michel would fit very well for either Dol Amroth or Cair Andros.


Mont saint michel Level 1



Mont saint michel level 2



We’re aiming for a more ancient/classical look to Gondor, rather than medieval.


More specifically Byzantine/Roman/Egyptian.










Knowing that the coastal regions of Gondor are often raided by Umbar, I think it would be cool to have a system of watchtowers, located in some strategic places and which could be both abandoned and in use. Something like this existed in the south of Italy in the early middle ages to warn the people of attacks of the saracens. I also think that the presence of the towers, especially the ruined ones, would make some areas look very cool and interesting, and would also perfecty fit the weakness and decadent state of Gondor.



Really cool roman city (click the link)

shipyards today (venice)