Folde Village 4: Ealdsele


Player name: iNamelessi

Player rank: Builder +

Location: Folde Village 4, /warp fv4

Private or Public: Private for now

Timeframe: as long as it takes

Lore: See Folde thread
With its location along the road to the Entwade and next to the river which marks the border to the Westemnet, I think this village is quite the tradehub and gateway to Emnet in one direction and the Folde and specifically Edoras in the other. It grew around an old homestead which early defenses are still being kept intact and also house the origin of the village name, Ealdsele, literally old hall.

Shitty ingame layout



Whee’s stuff about Ribe in the Inspiration thread, general Folde stuff


Looks great! Accepted. Love the name too





right, since I don’t really have much time at my hands for now and the foreseeable future, I’ll just make this officially up for grabs again


Anyone interested in taking this over?


Nameless will be taking over this village.