Folde Homestead 18


Player name(s):blazertrail

Player rank:builder+

Private or Public:Private

Location name:FH18

Lore:Folde lore, it is right next to FLC2 so I decided to use more wood, it is also on a road that from Aldburg to Edoras which I think would increase trade

Overhead plan:

blue-wooden structure
red-stone/plaster struceture
brown-pigs or cows

Terrain:its on a hilly area which could be flattened if you think that would work better

Reference Imagery:mostly this

but with more wood in it


Looks good to me. I like that it isn’t its own complex and is on each side of the road. It’s accepted from me and I’ll hopefully have some time in game to take a look at progress. Again if you have any questions feel free to ask me over Discord. If anyone else has any comments feel free to post them here.


As agreed with @Blazertrails, the deadline for this project is two weeks. Accepted and good luck!


just wondering is the Holloways around/through the homestead part of the project and should I do it?


If you enjoy doing those, feel free. They are not really a part of your homestead.

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