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New layout, last page in the app.


Really good! Only thing i’d add is maybe a few more towers, on some of the corners, and an extra one by the southern gate.


New layout looks good, you have a go from me.


I think that you could use a few more diagonal houses.

Also, do you have a dairy and brewery planned?


Yes, there will be a few more diagonal houses.

Not planned yet, but I will find space for it.


What’s taking so long to open this to the public?


Hey everyone, thank you for your patience! I can finally declare Westfold Burh for Open!

Here’s how the building process will go. READ THIS BEFORE BUILDING!

  1. All the plots inside of the palisade are open! However, I prefer if people build the plots next to the finished houses.

  2. Brown and gray plots are low-class houses, look at the low-class house example at ./warp wfburh and orange and light gray plots are middle-class houses there is an example for those as well.

  3. Every plot has been given the necessary information to be built, however in any circumstance: DO NOT DELETE THE SIGNS!!! Simply move the signs above the house you are building.

  4. You are not allowed to start on a second house before the first house you made is approved by project leader.

Basically, if someone is not able to follow those simple guidelines I will remove their house without warning or ban you from westfold burh.

That’s it, thanks for reading and happy building. Any questions? Ask me on discord.


So just raising a small concern. It has been established in previous homesteads and village 6 that we try not to use any furniture with glass and no cabinets at all if possible. Some homesteads seem to have a few of these items and the example burh houses have them, too. I think we should be consistent in all of the Westfold projects and remove those items. the double tall poor wardrobes as well. Chests should be used for clothing, imo. If anyone needs interior ideas look as Ahorns homestead as well as wfh4 &5, and village 6. thoughts?


Agreed with Chev.

Also, please avoid bunk beds. I’ve removed them where I’ve seen them and placed the appropriate number of beds on the floor.


2 points:

a) the vegetation within feels way too north north European, excluding trees. While I did base Rohan off of a central-northern European Climate, heavy inspiration was pulled from the Great Plains/Siberian Steppes, where bushes en mass are scarce. It should be different types of grasses (you can do cool stuff with grass too!) and less bushy (the bushes are the large factor in my criticism - while bush spam is nice for elven or far northern European-style settlements, the whole style of Rohan itself that I set up with worldpainter has chiefly been to avoid bushes covering everything). Nettles could be present but try and decrease the amount and restrict it to areas where humans have directly modified the terrain itself or in wetter bits. Same goes for fireweed. The majority of vegetation should match the plains outside (e.g. forest grass, normal grass, green sedge, etc.), as to give it an open, rustic feel to it. On the upper, drier levels you can make the greener grasses give way to a tussock grass - timothy grass mix, as can be seen in other parts of Rohan.

b) Reduce the amount of trees to also fit what was described above. Trees are for elven settlements, or Numenorean (even then Numenorean settlements would have pruned their trees etc. and styled them), but not really Anglo Saxon. I suppose if there are ceremonial oak or yew trees it wouldn’t hurt but it shouldn’t be anywhere else otherwise.


Maybe Kemce could change some of the trees he feels like are important for the settlement shape to some fruit trees? I feel like we need more of them around, maybe even some smaller groves or orchards in Rohan and farmlands in general


I know this is not meant negatively or anything, but I am a bit annoyed. I used 5 weeks before I opened the project to the public, and not a single one told me anything in that time.

There is no way I am going to go around and change the vegetation for the burh. I will rather defend my own decisions. And if that is not enough someone else can finish the project, because I really do not care. However, I am a person who likes to finish what I start, that’s how it has been for every project I have led. The problem is that I do not want to spend hours on fixing it. It is time I do not have.

I disagree with this, if you have ever worked in a garden in the north of Europe or south, you should know that weed plants is a big issue. They basically grow everywhere, and this is waaaaaay to bad illustrated in our projects on the server. And it is definitely not a far north thing, wfburh is not crammed together like burh3 for example. There is a lot of space for plants and shit to grow. In the inhabitants would basically only care about avoiding the weeds in their personal gardens.

The bush spam is something we have done from the very start, from kubas nature examples. He used the acacia leaves for “thick fern” to make it feel denser. Not to illustrate a bush, because sometimes just plants don’t look good as its own. And the “bushes” is not around on the plains in the area, just in the burh. Shouldn’t really matter.

There are many historical pictures of different cultures where trees were a thing in both small and larger towns. However I have talked with Fornad ingame about the matter, and he had some good arguments and I have agreed to doses. Basically what I am going for at this time, is that I will remove pretty much every tree in the main sections of the burh because it is a walled settlement and they are limited with space. I will remove some trees from the other section too. However, this is a much newer part of the burh and they may have planted some trees for some time ago because space wasn’t an issue.

You will have to be respectful of my time, I am not going to redo or change stuff except the trees. You guys had 5 weeks to bring this up. There are plenty of places on our server we could argue on the realism of nature and stuff. Maybe we should start #removetreesfrombree or change all the old scot pine trees in the shire to the new version. Such a small thing, who really cares?

I know about the glass, have I used blocks with glass somewhere? I wasent aware of the cabinets, will fix.



To be fair Kem, not much was built in that time, so it was hard/impossible to critique certain things. I’d also say it’s better to bring these issues up now rather than towards the end of the project (as we sometimes did with projects in the past).

I do agree with you on the plants thing, though. Human interference with the soil makes a lot of weeds/bushes spring up (instead of what would grow if the land was undisturbed). The weeds look fine and add a lot to the look of the settlement.


I’m also thinking it would be worth giving this place a name, since we have so many burhs on the server already and it’s beginning to make my brain hurt.

Here’s a few proposals @Kemce, all drawn from Old English:

Aldstowe (old meeting-place)

Folcmund (protected people)

Dunlengefa (foe of the Dunlendings)


Folcmund is my favourite, it represents what a burh is built for.


Folcmund it is! :wink:


I’d suggest a graveyard outside the walls. We don’t have one in the Westfold yet. Maybe a mix of barrows and gravestones.


Can the one who removed the project blocks above approved houses in Folcmund please message me on discord? Thanks


Good job lads